Camp training and fun!

Family and Friends,

Yesterday we spend the day finishing up the W3 camp which is early high school. I got to help and watch flag football, or American Football as they like to cal it, and really enjoyed the crazy plays they came up with. We are actually the first team of American coaches to come to since 2011 so all the sports have been coached by Egyptians. Most kids were able to throw a spiral which was a surprise but the Egyptian coaches have themselves come to camp as campers.

The Oscars was next on the agenda and was a great show. Throughout camp cabins teamed up and created videos based on their core values and categories. The videos/movies were actually pretty good and my favorite one was the winner for best motion picture. It was an Energy Drink commercial which incorporated some comedy. It was also the easiest to follow since the movies were all in Arabic. Speaking of Arabic, most kids know English and most of them speak it better than me! There was even a camper from Spain who I got to practice Spanish with. Back to Oscars, all the campers wore elastic bow ties to keep with the Oscars spirit. Also replica trophies were handed out to campers for best script, best supporting actor/actress, best actor/actress. My favorite part of Oscars night was the performances. Greg got up there and played a son called Marry Did You Know while he played the acoustic guitar. He has a great voice and received a standing ovation. Next we had a Egyptian sing Let it Go from Frozen! Yes you read that right Frozen!!! She did a wonderful job and brought a great smile to my face. I know my wife would have loved it since she is a big fan of Frozen.

During lunch R. Kelly magically stopped everyone with the song I  Believe I can Fly. Everyone jumped up to their feet or on their chair and waved their arms up and down as if they were flying! They all began signing every single word and even carried one camper across the dinning room with his arms extended forward. This is apparently normal in any camp but since this is my first experience with camp life, American or Egyptian, that I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Their prayer for lunch was also pretty cool. It was a prayer done with the tune of We Will Rock You. I will try to record all the awesomeness and take lots of pictures.

We ended the day with dodgeball and basketball were our team participated. Then for closing ceremonies the campers played WarBall which is a huge game of dodgeball  50 v 50. The winners would win the championship between Alpha’s and Omega’s. The campers are separated by cabin and in two between Alpha’s and Omega’s. And if the campers return to camp they stay with the Alpha or Omega teams respectively. So of course the counselors have their favorites since they were campers once. They try to be neutral but it’s hard as some of you can imagine. Awards were handed out and final prayer was said. The night ended with fireworks!

Alfonso Garza, Jr.

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