Day 3

Family and friends,

First I would like to pass on a message from my cabin 4 campers…”Please tell them that we don’t ride camels to school, and that we don’t live in pyramids, and that we don’t dance like everyone thinks we dance, we do watch Disney movies, and we do mostly everything that Americans do…”. They made me promise I would share this back home.

This morning my Major which is American Football (Flag Football) was cancelled because they went to the ropes course. So I had the opportunity to train with the Soccer Major and see how good Egyptians are. They have incredible footwork and love for the game. Of course we played World Cup and Shadi (a camper) and I were Mexico!!! We didn’t win but we had a ton of fun.

Next we played a gamed called Legends. Campers competed in six categories to become either Bolt, Messi, Carl Lewis, Einstein, Phelps, and Robin Hood Legends. Each legend had 5 stations. I was a part of Carl Lewis and was in charge of the long jump. I also officiated cabin Alpha and Omega volleyball challenge were the Alpha’s took a commanding 2-0 win.

To end the night we attended the Wadi Party. They like to say No One Parties like a Wadi Party.

The kids are really starting to open up to us American coaches. I think we are beyond the awkward two day stage where they don’t know how to act with us. God is really opening up the reason I came to serve the people of Egypt. I want to thank Geoff and our entire team on giving me he opportunity to not only learn from them but serve God with them.

Alfonso Garza, Jr.

I’m posting picture on Instagram during the day so follow me if you’d like to see.
My name is alfonsogarza23.

Red River Ministries

Wadi Sports Camp

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