Day 4

Family and friends,

Today we skipped morning majors to play an elaborate game called Bembem. Campers did push ups, running stairs, sit ups, completed sudoku puzzles, and ran laps to earn fake money (Egyptian Pounds). They then had to buy materials to make a costume of a super hero. The costume was judged by the American coaches on appearance and durability based on an obstacle course they ran. Some of the super heroes were Snow Woman, Jungle Man, Captain Wadi, Glitter Man, and Cat Woman to name a few. Of course my cabin and their sister cabin 14 won the game!

Next was afternoon majors and American football is starting to look better and better. We are almost to the point where they can run a play against a live defense. After majors we had cabin competitions where I officiated dodgeball. Dodgeball is real serious in Wadi they even have their own cage courts. The game is so intense that we had to stop the action a couple of times so that the campers can cool down. It’s awesome though because competition is the same no matter what part of the world your in.

Today was the first time I joined the campers in the pool. We were throwing the football around and competing to see who could hold their breath the longest. It was a ton of fun especially since I get to talk to them about anything. And the more I talk to them the more I see how smart they are. Most of them can speak 3 languages. Of course they speak Arabic and some of the other languages are English, German, French, and Spanish.

We ended the night with a game called iWars where apps where transform into real life. Some of the stations included Instagram, Maps, Heads Up, Slam Dunk, and the Holy Bible. I was in charge of the station called Magnified photo where they had to guess what was the object on the picture while magnified. Some of the pictures were the Eiffel Tower, E.T., Sunflower, and a donut.

God has shown me so much on this trip and it has been a wonderful experience. I can’t wait to continue to grow as a husband, son, brother, and friend through God.

Alfonso Garza, Jr.


Red River Ministries

Wadi Sports Camp

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