Day 6 & 7

Family and friends,

Day 6 was one of my favorite days of camp because there were so many activities. In American Football we started playing full games and they seemed to really enjoy that. Geoff came over to the major and suggested we kick field goals over a soccer goal. That was a brilliant idea because the campers love to kick balls so they picked up on it quick.

There were two games played on day 6 Championship and Commandoes. Championship was an Alpha and Omega competition were campers signed up to play one sport. The sports were dodgeball, basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Dinner was served during the boys soccer match and I was able to officiate the match. It was a great experience to officiate an important match especially since it was the main event. Commandoes was a cabin competition where they tried to reach a destination without being caught by one of the councilors. It was a bit dangerous because they turn off most lights but the campers really enjoy this game.

Day 7, the last day of camp, involved majors, Man & Women of Wadi, War-Ball, and closing ceremony. American football could not have gone any better. The boys were playing full games and leading themselves without much coaching. One of the campers told me this was his favorite major so far at Wadi. It was awesome to get that kind of feedback because I wanted to provide the best coaching I could. I gave out awards for MVP, Most Improved, and Best Attitude. Man and Women of Wadi is a swimming and running competition. The guys swim 4 laps and run 4 laps around the Wadi track while the girls swim 2 laps and run 2 laps. Aaron was our representative and did well! He placed 2nd in his heat and 3rd overall if I’m not mistaken. The closing ceremony was bittersweet because you didn’t want camp to end but I was ready for a break. The next morning it was goodbye and I took more selfies than I have ever taken! Egyptians really like to take selfies!!! It was hard saying goodbye to all the campers and I felt so much love from them. We will keep in touch and hopefully get to see them down the road.

God is great in so many ways and showed me why he brought me to Egypt. I was able to trust and have faith in him and was rewarded. My wife got a job while I was at camp after months of trying. And I was able to make an impact on these Egyptian campers. I will continue to serve God in any way I can because the joy that fills my heart is great.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the team of American coaches for their support and passion to serve with one another. I especially want to thank Geoff  and the Rich family for changing my life. A special shout out to my favorite Aggie Chris! You have been a great help and I hope we can continue to serve God together.


Alfonso Garza, Jr.

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