Travels to Alexandria and the North Coast!

As our time at Wadi Sports camp came to a close today, we arose early this morning in preparation to leave for Alexandria to start our down time here in Egypt. We were packed ready to go and waiting for the bus to arrive in lobby
promptly at 8 am. To some of our surprise, a hand full of staff and campers woke up early and came out to say goodbye. It had been painful enough for me the previous night to say goodbye to my new friends but it was even harder the second time around.
I came on this mission trip to Egypt thinking that god was calling me to glorify his name by serving others. It had been perfect timing, we were studying James chapter two in my bible study and here James Writes about faith without works is dead faith. I was feeling called to go out and do something when the next day in class, Casey asked if I wanted to go on the trip to Egypt. I knew this was what I was suppose to do but it is funny how god works in that I am leaving camp feeling as though I learned more from the staff and campers at Wadi then I could ever teach them. Through many extraordinary conversations, I learned more about Egypt, the middle east, their culture, and their hardships here then I ever imagined. I am leaving camp with a better sense of how big god’s kingdom really is. These people are truly incredible. What I was most shocked by was how big their hearts are and how loving and generous they were towards us. All i was teaching them was aerobics and dance, what i am truly passionate about but they thanked me as though i had just cured cancer. One of my campers, Lydia, wrote me a thank you note that brought me to tears, causing me to cry out praises to god thanking him for bringing me here. This was the first time i truly experienced the influence that coaches can have.
But as we waved goodbye to all our new friends as our bus pulled out towards the front gates of Wadi with tears in our eyes,our adventure was not yet over. We drove down to Alexandria where we got a chance to walk around the library, citadel, and the cost before enjoying an enormous seafood feast consisting of five different types of humus, shrimp, clams, and fish all caught right there in the mediteranian.  We then headed out towards the North Cost to where we will be enjoying the next couple days relaxing at the Rixos Resort, but not first without stopping for some delicious ice cream in town. The city of Alexandria was absolutely breath taking with high rise on high rise all along the edge of the coast.
Our stay here at the mediterranean the past two days has been a blast! We spent all day today just hanging out relaxing on the beach, enjoying the pool and even getting talked into participating in a water aerobics class. It has been a perfect last couples of days to wind down from the hectic schedule from camp and reflect on our time here.

Red River Ministries

Wadi Sports Camp

…And in the end

It’s a strange and hard feeling to describe the last day at Wadi. I’m not totally sure where to begin other than the start of my day. I awoke a bit earlier than usual so I could go on the rooftop and have a moment of quiet and peace to read the bible and pray but also to check on the bedouin family next to the camp.  I first came to camp with my mother about 8 years ago and the bedouin’s were a source of many topics of conversation. We wondered what their life was like in the desert? What they thought of this crazy camp next to their home? Anyway-they seemed to be doing well. From what I could tell they had a new goat pen, new children…maybe a new pickup truck. Sitting on the rooftop really is peaceful in the morning as the Egyptian sun is rising and has yet to reach its full punishing potential. I have wondered how one of the greatest civilizations mankind has ever known spawned out of such a brutal environment?

Before I go any further let me say it is about 1 in the morning Egypt time at the end of an incredibly taxing week and very emotional day…so my apologies if my brain goes in tangents or it seems i lose focus…i can assure you i am losing focus. so…hopefully you have to some degree caught on to the rhythm of camp. For our football majors we met at the pool and played ultimate football to let the guys have a bit of a break and let them enjoy themselves on their last day of majors. We then went to breakfast for a feast of eggs, beans, pasta in sweet milk and some sort of “sausage”. We then moved to what’s called the man and woman of Wadi where the campers, staff and coaches compete in a pretty rough challenge of swimming and running. Kind of like a triathlon with no biking. Not everyone has to do it but our own Hayden Rich entered and did awesome! We were chanting USA and cheering him on. Hunter ran with him for a few laps for some encouragement…at the very home stretch he had- ummm some sort of projectile, but kept on like a champion! I think his upcoming 2-a-days will be all the breezier after training in Egypt! They then had a pool party with a dance competition and a DJ, snow cones and popcorn. I played a few songs as a few Egyptians held mic’s up for me and my guitar. oh-i play some guitar quasi professionally. i  played at the talent show a few nights prior…which was awesome! i love these Egyptians! They are so quick to cheer, to dance, to encourage each other and us foreigners and to laugh. I’m pretty sure they were laughing with me! not necessarily at my bad Arabic singing.

I think by the second major the feeling started to sink in that our time was running out. We finally let them do some tackling by playing crush the carrier, or tackle the man with the football, or another politically incorrect rhyme. Alfonso and i had a bet as to how long it would take before someone got injured. i think i won because they were all very tough and didn’t come up lame, but it did make for an anxiety filled 30 minutes or so. After we breathed a sigh of relief that everyone survived with no mortal wounds we handed out awards for everyone including MVP, best attitude, most improved, beast mode and best defender among others. Our prizes included a lot of Texas longhorn memorabilia-so obviously i had to throw in some boomer sooner and North Texas football shirts. I had an absolute blast coaching with Alfonso and Hayden-both seem wise beyond their years. I especially loved working with our football campers! They were so eager to learn and to put forward such great effort.

The last event was the closing ceremonies. More awards handed out and a very funny skit. Another game of war ball. Very bittersweet though to be saying goodbyes to people who so quickly you’ve come to love and admire, to know these times you’ve cherished are coming to an end. I’m sure there is a better biblical reference but a quote i kept thinking about today comes from the Beatles. “…and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” I hope that is true in this situation. i think i speak for all of us coaches in saying we have poured our hearts and souls and our blood, sweat and tears and most important our love into these kids and prayerfully hope that we can change a heart that can change a life, who can change the lives of others that can change the course of a town, a city and a nation. i can also say for sure that in pouring ourselves out like we have in the last week, we are all drained! Drained emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally. It’s the best kind of exhaustion though! At the same time I know my heart is absolutely overflowing with love and joy for these kids, this camp, this country. There is something about this trip that rattles your bones and shakes you to your core. As Geoff says it makes the world smaller and makes God bigger. I agree! I can also say i am so blessed and so grateful for any and everyone who had any hand in allowing this trip to move forward. From donations to prayers to ministry to organizers to the movers and shakers that are the other coaches, staff and administrators at Wadi. I am humbled to be a small piece of this giant God sized puzzle called Egypt!

Ana Bahebek!!!


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Wadi Sports Camp

Day 7 – Fun day of Championships at Wadi!

Let me first start off by thanking everyone who has supported me on this trip the past two years. I especially want to thank my wife and family! I know my wife would love to be here with me but she gave me her full support. With God’s grace she will be joining us next year. I also want to give thanks to Geoff, my friend, mentor, and role model, for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of the Red River team. I have told him many times before that I owe him so much and will forever be in his debt. Don’t worry GG I will be in Austin soon to finish off my 3 days of work that I owe you. The whole Rich family is so generous and I love them dearly.

At Wadi Sports Camp Grady, Hayden, and myself are teaching “American Football” which is really flag football. The kids range from age 16 to 18 and really want to tackle, but it is far too dangerous for us to play without proper equipment. They have progressed so much in the past days. We started with basic drills including passing, catching, handoffs, route running, and pulling flags. Today we started a Super Bowls series between two teams named the Sharks and Warriors, and since we have two major times a day, which are when the campers go to the designated sport they choose to participate in, we already have a winner. The Sharks with Noor leading them at quarterback won two straight games. They are calling plays on their own and doing a great job of utilizing all the knowledge they have learned from us coaches. We as coaches instituted a run rule that only allowed them one run per 4 downs. Otherwise flag football would turn into rugby!! Tomorrow we are going to the pool in the morning and playing some tackle in the afternoon to satisfy their wishes. The campers themselves are great and some I remember from last year as staff since we worked a younger camp. They are all so kind to me and work so hard to learn and get better. They however do not like the Mexican chili lolly pops I brought from home. In fact, out of the 30 or so I have given out no Egyptian has said they enjoyed the taste. As Greg put it “they must not have the Latino pallet”.

The other major sports event today was a Championship series between the Alphas and Omegas. The campers are divided into these two teams and compete all camp long to see who gets the most points. Today they choose their best players in Dodgeball, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, and Soccer. The Omegas won all the games with the exception of Boys Dodgeball. One of the main attractions was the Omega girls dominating performance by Nada with a hat trick.She kept wearing an A&M shirt that she got from Chris last year so I had to give her my favorite Texas Intramural soccer shirt. I told her she must stop wearing the A&M shirt!! Sorry Chris but not really. The other main attraction was the boys soccer match that had an atmosphere of a UEFA Champions League. Dinner was served and the Omegas put on a show winning 4-1. Mario who is in the American Football major scored an incredible goal off the top crossbar. Hayden and I sat with Bessel who is a camper and lives in the UK. His brother Youssef is his twin and I could not distinguish them from one another. I finally asked for a tip and Bessel told me Youseff has a dot under his left eye. From time to time I still get their names wrong.  We talked about the differences in each others’ culture and religion. I really enjoyed our talk today and the many others I have with all the Wadi campers and staff.

I want to thank God for giving me the chance to visit Egypt and serve its people. Sports has always been a strong suite for me and the fact that I can use that skill that God gave me to serve in his name is incredible. The awesome part about coming to Wadi is the fact that I learn so much from the Egyptians at Wadi. They are all so kind, loving, fun spirited, talented, and wise. They have had a huge impact on my life in so many different ways. My faith in God grows with every second I spend here. All the camp staff from leadership team, counselers, admins, and work crew volunteer their time to impact the lives of the Egyptian youth. Many of them are doctors, dentists, engineers, and college students that could of easily put it off but instead take time off and work at Wadi Sports Camp. I want to thank you for accepting me as part of your family and want you all to know that I love you all. I hope and pray that I have made a small impact in their lives as well.

Thank you all for your prayers and support please continue to pray for our team as well as the people of Egypt!


Alfonso Garza, Jr.

(Edited by Hayden Rich)

p.s. I still get campers that think I’m Egyptian and still love the bidet!

Red River Ministries

Wadi Sports Camp

Girls Soccer UK twins Dodgeball selfie Nada

A Day for Grace

By Grace Rich (typed by her favorite Uncle…Greg)

It’s 1:00 am here in Egypt, so this contribution to the blog may be a little bit short. However, I do want to share with you some of the pretty cool things we did today.

We had majors before breakfast this morning, and we have finally reached a point where the campers are understanding the game and beginning to play some real volleyball. They are so happy to move on from drills designed for enhancing their skills, to using those skills in playing a game.

After first major comes breakfast and I am finally beginning to adjust to the Egyptian palate. We were moving quickly today because of a big event in our schedule that I will tell you about later, but I was on to sessions…a cabin competition where girls played a type of volleyball game called “Nuke ‘em”. Immediately after sessions, we had our second major where “Team Grace” took a hard fought defeat in a well played game of volleyball. While the campers moved on to their cabin cleanup, we gathered as a team of coaches to discuss our afternoon and prepare for pool time (always needed in a country where it’s 120 degrees in the shade and there is no shade). At the pool, I really love getting to hang out and talk with these Egyptians…campers, counselors, and staff. I’ve made some pretty cool friends over here.

Next comes lunch where we were treated to a great meal of barbecued chicken, rice, and vegetable soup. Normally we get a break after lunch to catch up on some needed rest. Today, however, I had to practice our routine for the upcoming talent show as well as a skit for the big event I mentioned earlier…a game of physically exhausting activities called Hexatholon. I got to take some pretty great pictures of this crazy Egyptian creation. The kids looked completely spent physically, but had such great feelings of accomplishment. It was awesome.

After Hexathalon, we had an amazing treat. Dad ordered pizzas from Papa Johns in Cairo and had it driven out to us here at camp. All of us coaches hung out in our hotel devouring this food…laughing at each others stories…dancing and enjoying ourselves. What incredible fun.

On to the carnival. The leadership of this camp really does a great job going all out for these campers. They created a carnival, complete with games, cotton candy, snow cones, popcorn, tea and coffee, and an incredibly talented magician that really wowed us with his illusions. We all, campers and staff alike, got to relax and enjoy the fun. After the carnival ended, all of camp gathered in the middle of the carnival grounds for the talent show. Some kids sang songs and played instruments. Our own Grady Davis played some amazing music with his guitar and even tried to do a song in Arabic for the Egyptians. They loved it. We were the last act to go and we preformed a choreographed dance to “Watch Me Whip.” It was a lot of fun. I’m sure my Uncle Greg will post the video at some point. The magician came after us and did some pretty amazing tricks. He spoke mostly Arabic so it was a little hard to understand what he was saying, but I could easily appreciated his illusions. On to our end of day meeting where we discuss the day, tell some pretty fun stories and highlights, and go over the schedule for tomorrow.

As I wrap this up, I’m struck by how exhausted I am. But it is such a good feeling. We get so much life done in a day with these wonderful people and I truly love what we get to be a part of. Thank you all for reading these posts and praying for us. We definitely need it. It is only by God’s hand that we have the strength to serve him here. I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about what we are doing. I look forward to sharing these stories and more with you all when we get back to Texas.

Love and Volleyball…


Red River Ministries

Wadi Sports Camp

Day 5 – A Day of Camp with Janae

Two summers ago, upon graduating from college at the University of North Texas, I had prepared to voyage with the American team to coach at Wadi Sports Camp in Egypt; within 24 hours of departure, a series of riots and turmoil broke out inside the country and prevented us from making it to camp. While I was greatly saddened, I continued to pray for the people of Egypt and for another opportunity, in His timing, to visit and serve. Since then, I have been working for the past two years as a CPA at a public accounting firm in Dallas. Most days I really do enjoy my job; however, with the “professional” title also comes the many responsibilities, deadlines, and stress of the corporate world. Over time, these daunting tasks have built up, and without even realizing it, I feel it is almost as though a small piece of my soul was lost in the bustle of Corporate America. Camp has always been place of solitude for me, and in preparing for this trip, I felt the Lord calling me to trust Him and serve in Egypt.

“Life” around here is starting to become a norm; I am [slowly] picking up phrases of Arabic and love being at camp with the Egyptians. Last night I made friends with Emma and Sama, who are the true kids of camp. At 5 and 6 years old, they informed me that I should try to learn Arabic, as some of the campers don’t know English and it might be confusing for them if I cannot speak to them in their language. They also informed me they would give me five vocabulary words a day, to help me become fluent by the end of camp. Today, at pool time, they followed up on their vocabulary lessons and then proceeded to play beauty shop with me in the pool. By the end of our pool break, I was speaking [awfully] in Arabic with Princess Leia buns. These girls bring so much joy to my life!

Day 5 started out with the campers’ “major” sport (yes, before breakfast). Tennis is my all-time favorite sport, so I am so thrilled to be able to share and teach the game with my class of 18 students. Today, we attempted to master the “serve”, which is one of the hardest but most important shot of the game. As I was individually critiquing the students, I was able to assist one of my students (Bassle) with a minor tweak in the timing of his serve. It was definitely an “ah-hah” moment as a coach, as he hit the next 5 serves in and proceeded to grin ear to ear with excitement. Additionally, as he is an Egyptian that has lived in England for the past 9 years, he proceeded to thank me in proper English, which never fails to make a coach like me smile.

After “majors” was breakfast, then Wadi Warz in which the campers broke out into teams (Alpha and Omega) to compete in various activities you would see at an American “field day”, such as volleyball, a tire/rope course, and water balloon toss. However, in Egyptian style, this game had a mobile app which displayed a map of the camp and tracked the winning team at each station. One of my favorite things about the Egyptian culture is their competitiveness and pride in winning. Today, this “drive” resulted in an intense two hour match of 2 on 6 volleyball for Alfonso and Shelby. The rules of the game were to see which team, Alpha or Omega, could get 5 points against the two coaches, in the least amount of time. The campers’ strategy was to wear out the coaches through consecutive matches, which would result in easier matches and faster points for their team. It was a constant battle of power between teams Alpha and Omega. In watching, it amazed me how zealous the campers are for their teams; as soon as a new time record was set, the opposing team would flash onto the court to fight and be better. Every point, even every little victory, the Egyptians go wild with cheer and excitement to encourage their teammates on.

This energy is prevalent in every event here at camp; every detail is well thought / planned out and every victory is celebrated. And that is also why sharing the love of Jesus here at camp has such an incredible power. The Egyptian people are not mediocre beings; they are passionate people who live and act on that in which they believe. I can see God working in the lives of the students and staff here at camp and cannot wait to see what else is in store. Keep praying for Egypt!

Red River Ministries

Wadi Sports Camp

Another Day in Paradise

By Greg Rich

WHAT A DAY! Really…What a week. It’s nonstop action and excitement here at Wadi Sports Camp and it is an incredible honor to be a part of it. Today was certainly no exception.

Our day started out with Majors before breakfast. Scott and I are coaching baseball and it was a big day for our campers. Today, they got to pick up a bat and hit…some for the very first time in their lives. While it occasionally makes me sad to think that many of these young Egyptians have never had the opportunity and exposure to the variety of sports that we are teaching them (like baseball), I often find myself envious of these new experiences they are having. I don’t remember the first time I swung a bat and made connection with the ball. Nor do I remember the first time I threw a ball that landed squarely and soundly in my dad’s mitt. I was so young, it was a very long time ago, and those memories are overshadowed by the countless hits and throws that I’ve had over the many years. To see the joy and excitement on the faces of these campers when they connect with the ball and hear that very distinct “ping” of the bat when it makes solid contact…priceless.

After Majors, we had breakfast and a quick break while the campers went to a brief gathering with words of encouragement and wisdom for the day. Next, I was off to officiate a game of Drapou between two cabins of female campers. Drapou is a field game much like our “Steal the Bacon” back in the states. The two teams line up side-by-side on a field. Each team member is assigned a number from 1 to 7. We would call out a particular number and each girl with that number would race across the field to pick a baton (think track and field, not twirling). The girl who got there first would pick up the baton and try to race back across the starting line before the other girl had a chance to pull her flag (think flag football, not stars and stripes). It’s extremely fun to see their competiveness, yet at the same time, it is plainly evident they really enjoy when their friends on the opposing team do well.

We quickly transitioned back to our second major after Drapou. Picking up where we left off before breakfast, hitting drills ruled the day. They were introduced to the training aids of a batting tee and a hit-away. They were big hits (sorry for the easy pun). I was stuck by the attitude and ethic of two of my Egyptian friends today…Sandra and Bavly (sounds like lovely with a B). Sandra is a 17-year-old bundle of joy and enthusiasm. She signed up for the baseball major because she wanted to challenge herself with something new. Sandra had never even seen a baseball or bat before this week, but she is probably the most attentive student I have ever had. When she asks me a question, she has an intensity about listening to the answer that is very rare and refreshing. Every day, she takes a glove and a ball with her so she can practice tossing the ball to herself and catching it. She hit her first baseball today and I thought her face might break because of the size of her smile. It was incredible.

I’ve known Bavly since coming to camp last year. He’s a 22-year-old counselor that is helping us out with the baseball major. The amazing thing about Bavly is his passion and eagerness for this sport. I just taught him to play last year at camp and he has developed into a pretty great teacher of the game himself. Today, he showed me a list that he has been writing of all the drills and teaching models that we have been using so that he can be a better teacher when he has to coach this sport without the help of his “American friends.” I really love this guy.

After a really good lunch and a rest time that was far too short, we entered into the online gaming world of “Clash of Clans” come to life in the real world…the Wadi Sports Camp real world. This is yet one more example of the leadership of WSC (shout out to the Real Slim Shady – Shady Sameh – the best Egyptian friend, little brother, and camp director on the planet) going All In (I capitalized it because that is our camp theme for the summer of 2015) in terms of creativity, logistics, and preparation for these kids. The guys and girls were dividend into 16 clans that were competing and challenging each other for resources to build their “castles” and “level-up”. I’m not familiar with the online game, but if it is anything near the controlled chaos that I experienced today, it must be a wild ride. We had an absolute blast at this 5-hour extravaganza. The event culminated by each clan cooking their dinner over an open pit of their own construction. We got to partake in the “feast of burgers” and this carnivorous Texan was a happy little boy. Definitely the best meal I’ve had at camp.

You’d think that after all this activity, we’d put this day in the win column and head off to sleepy town. Well, you’d be wrong. We had yet a concert to participate in. Notice I did not say attend, because these concerts are not for mere congregants, but for interactive contributors. Songs in English or Arabic…it doesn’t matter. We sing. We dance. We have a wonderful time. After the concert, there is a short talk by an Egyptian staff member, a picture slideshow of the day’s highlights, the “Goodnight Song” and then off to our respective cabins. Whew…now that’s a day…Wadi style.

I’ve been coming here since 2007 and God has permanently imprinted this nation, this ministry, and these people upon my heart. I cannot impress upon you enough how much I love being a minor component in the major plans that our Great Father has for this nation and these wonderful people. I am constantly reminded of how much sacrifice it takes to get us here and I would be negligent in my calling if I didn’t take a few moments to thank some pretty important people who continue to make our dreams possible by sharing and partnering with us in those dreams. My first round of thanks have to go to my wife, Ann, and daughter, Riley (Scout). You know that you two are the bedrock of my world and sometimes I miss you so much that I get physical pains. Thank you for allowing me to follow God’s call for this ministry. Thank you for loving me so much that I can feel it, even when I’m 7, 020.18 miles away (yes, I googled the exact distance that I am away from you.) I look forward to the day when we will all do this together. I must thank my boss for providing me with the time away from work to come and labor for something greater than a paycheck. I’d also like to thank my mom (she’s also my boss) for her encouragement and support for this ministry. You have raised us to love God first and think of others before ourselves. I hope that I honor you as I try to live out what you and Dad taught us. And to all of you who continue to support us with your love, prayers, emails, texts, and every other method that our modern technology provides, I say shockron, shockron, SHOCKRON! (pronounced SHOW KRON). That’s Arabic for “Thank you”. We love you very much and are so grateful for all that you provide. Our families, friends, coworkers, neighbors, church brothers and sisters, CBS friends, camp friends, classmates, boyfriends, girlfriends, and all those in between…near and far…WE LOVE YOU…WE MISS YOU…WE ARE DOING WELL AND EXACTLY WHAT GOD HAS CALLED US TO.

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for giving us this day, this place, these people, and this nation to show us just one more way that You love us, provide for us, and include us Your incredible story and plan for this world. We feel Your presence and are in awe of Your Glory. Please help us to honor You by loving others…all others…for we know that we are others too and need Your love more than anything. Most of all, Father, thank You for Your gift of Jesus…who came to show us that You’d rather die than live without us.

Amen and Amen.

Love to all…Greg

Red River Ministries

Wadi Sports Camp

Day 3!

First of all, I am so blessed to be here in Egypt. After taking two classes with Geoff at UT this past fall semester, he casually told me about his trips here to wadi sports camp at the end of the last class. Over Christmas break, I continued to feel led to pursue this trip further. I mentioned it to my parents and they had mixed emotions about the idea, but as always, they supported my ultimate decision. I prayed about it and realized God really wanted to use me and my love of sports to influence and build relationships with these kids, as well as grow stronger in my own faith. After being here at camp for four days, I am fully convinced this is exactly where I’m suppose to be and God’s plan.

Coming into this camp, I had originally planned on coaching swimming and was so excited for the opportunity to coach a sport that has played a major role in my life. However, unfortunately only a few campers signed up to do swimming as a major, so I had to switch to volleyball, a sport that isn’t one of my best and I don’t know much about. So far it has been great though and I am enjoying the challenge of providing the campers with volleyball instruction and making it fun.

Today was a day of perseverance.Throughout the day, I was often reminded of the verses Romans 5:3-4 and James 1:12. The day started at 6:00 am for the campers to participate in the crosswalk. The crosswalk is an activity in which each cabin, which consists of 8-12 campers, carries a wooden cross (10-14 feet in length and 4-6 feet in width) around the whole camp. Each camper has to be touching the cross during the whole walk. The walk was over an hour today as the sun was coming up and it was already getting hot outside. At the end of the walk, each cabin put their cross into the ground and did a small devotion at the base of the cross.

After a great breakfast, an activity called champions league began. Each cabin designated campers to compete in events including kan-jam, beach volleyball, soccer, basketball, dodgeball, volleyball and ping pong. The coaches and staff members also formed a team to compete against the campers. Out of our team, some of us were refs and the others were able to play and compete. There were 5 twenty-five minute sessions in the morning, where we rotated and played/reffed different games. I was lucky enough to be able to play all the different games. It was very hot and tiring, but also so rewarding to participate with the other egyptian staff members and use our different talents in order to win. (And I was informed before playing that the staff doesn’t lose games so it was very competitive!) The champions league continued later in the afternoon with 5 more sessions.

Before the second champions league, we had an amazing gathering time where Greg and Grady played their guitars and sang a song called The Host of Angels. They were both great! The lyrics really touched my heart and went along great with the crosswalk the campers had this morning.

Tonight’s activity was called iWars. The campers participated in games that resembled iPhone app games in real life, such as heads up, shazam, logo quiz, instagram, trivia crack, and where’s my water. I helped out at the dunking contest, which was based off of the app slam dunk king, where they jumped on a small trampoline onto a mat and tried to come up with the most creative dunk. It was so cool to see all the different activities they had set up. The camp staff really does go above and beyond on all these games to create such a fun environment.

Thank you all for praying for us and keeping up with what all we are doing at Wadi Sports Camp through this blog. I pray that we can continue to create positive relationships with the campers and resemble God’s love through everything that we do.

Casey Williamson

Red River Ministries

Wadi Sports Camp