Wadi Sports Camp Day 1 – Hunter Ruffin

After being let go from my first full time teaching position, I was uncertain as to what I was being called to do and if I needed to stay home and take care of my family. As I prayed, asking God for guidance, I was quickly provided an answer in the form of a great family of coaches at a new school willing to give me, an inexperienced coach, a chance to not only provide for my family but also work with my schedule allowing me to serve on this trip. As I continued to pray, talk to my amazing wife, and receive generous support, I was no longer uncertain about what to do, and now I’m here.

Today was the first day of W-4. While camp was saying goodbye to the previous term, Janae and I sat on the roof of the hotel and planned out our tennis classes for the week. Then shortly after lunch some things got moved around and I ended up coaching Ultimate instead. We welcomed the kids around 12:30 and watched some hilarious skits that the leadership team put together to pump up the kids and teach some rules. Hercules, The Little Mermaid, and Uptown Funk, all got an Arab remix.

At 4:30 I get to my first Ultimate Major, and I get to work with a young Egyptian dentist named Manuel. He has an Ultimate team back in Alexandria, and he is trying to bring the sport to Egypt. He was so happy to be working with me and will hopefully become a close friend. We taught the kids backhands today, which we will probably go over again tomorrow. They progressed well and were really excited to learn and try to perfect their throws. Their persistence is very encouraging.

After Ultimate, Scott and I umpired a cabin competition baseball game. The kids were eager to learn the rules the right way and were very competitive. With the game tied 3-3 in the bottom of the last inning there was a man on third and 2 outs.  The batter hit a ground ball and instead of getting the out at first they forced the play at the plate. The runner slid under the tag, safe, and the game was over. It was a very exciting end to a game that can at times be so confusing and difficult to process.

After cabin competitions we had dinner then a big game of WarBall, which I’m sure Scott mentioned already. High intensity dodgeball with the entire camp. Then we went to the great hall for a picture slide show, recapping the day, and a goodnight song.

I have been truly blessed with this opportunity to teach and to learn. These kids are so open and willing to try new things. The director says it is easy for us to reach them because we are Americans, and I didn’t realize how much weight that carries in their eyes. God is doing amazing things here and we continue to need your prayers here to do as much good as we can.

Thank you,

Hunter Ruffin

Red River Ministries

Wadi Sports Camp

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