Funtastic Day 2 of Wadi Sports Camp!

So as the 2nd full day of camp comes to a close, there were many new memories and awesome experiences that I would like to share with y’all. But before I do, I would just like to give some background about myself. My name is Shelby Tse, and I am 22 years old. I just graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelors in Economics. Throughout my time at the university, I was part of a ministry called Epic Movement, which focused on missions and outreach. It opened my eyes to how hurt the world is and how much we need Jesus. It made me rethink a lot about how I have been reaching out to others in my own life and I realized I was not very intentional with my words and my actions. Going into my last semester of college, I took another volleyball class with Geoff, and he sent out an email offering an opportunity to go on missions and teach sports to kids. After I saw this, I knew that I had to go on this trip since I have been immersed in sports as far as I can remember. So I began to pray about it, and I contacted Geoff soon after. He soon responded for us to meet, and after our meeting I felt pretty positive that I would be going on this trip. I got confirmation a month or two later after finishing up the applications; and so that is how I got to be part of this awesome journey.

Going back to the 2nd day of camp, we started the day off with our majors. I was teaching volleyball, and it was great being able to see the kids again. The kids came to volleyball with a lot of excitement and energy and we were able to translate that energy onto the court. We practiced different passing drills today and played several games and had them challenge each other. The kids favorite part of the class is being in competition with each other and you can just see the competitive energy and the excitement flowing out of them.

After breakfast, we had a really cool event called, “Legends”, and that is where we have different events for the campers based on different legends in sports. The different legends we had were, Carl Lewis, Usain Bolt, Lionel Messi, Albert Einstein, and Robin Hood. The events were themes based on the legends sports background. I worked the Usain Bolt event, and within the event, we had 100m dash, 600m run, a walk race, discus throw, and long jump. We had a few of the campers from the whole camp and we split them up into four groups, and they competed against each other within their groups. So this gave many opportunities for every camper to win at least something, as there was a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for each event.

Later on in the day, we had something called pool time which is just where the whole camp just relaxes around or in the pool. We went to our second major of volleyball of the day late in the afternoon, but instead of playing volleyball this period, we went to do the ropes course instead. The campers had a great time climbing ropes and doing the zip line. We hosted sessions again after, and I reffed a volleyball game, that had quite a climatic finish. I had to improvise the volleyball game to nuke’em, which is a game where you try to get the other team out by throwing the ball back and forth to each other and you get out if you fail to catch the ball. The match was the best of 3 sets, and they got to the 3rd set and one team had 1 girl left while the other had 3 girls. The 1 girl stood her ground and was able to get the other 3 girls out and close out the match.

After dinner, the campers participated in an event called National Treasure 2, and they had to solve riddles and end up building a boat that can support one person in the pool as they try to obtain a treasure map that is in the middle of the pool. Everyone won chocolate and the first place team got a neat little key chain that had part of the boat’s material. We ended the day with a slideshow of pictures of the campers throughout the day during the activities.

All in all, the 2nd day of camp was very much a success. The team ended in high spirits despite being a little physically tired. The team and I look forward to our day tomorrow as we head into a full day of different sporting competitions between campers vs campers, and counselors vs campers. I would like to ask if y’all could pray for us to have energy tomorrow and avoid injuries, but most importantly to remember to put Jesus first even as we are in competition. Thank you so much for your support, and I hope that y’all will have a blessed day.

For His Glory,

Shelby Tse

Red River Ministries

Wadi Sports Camp

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