A Day for Grace

By Grace Rich (typed by her favorite Uncle…Greg)

It’s 1:00 am here in Egypt, so this contribution to the blog may be a little bit short. However, I do want to share with you some of the pretty cool things we did today.

We had majors before breakfast this morning, and we have finally reached a point where the campers are understanding the game and beginning to play some real volleyball. They are so happy to move on from drills designed for enhancing their skills, to using those skills in playing a game.

After first major comes breakfast and I am finally beginning to adjust to the Egyptian palate. We were moving quickly today because of a big event in our schedule that I will tell you about later, but I was on to sessions…a cabin competition where girls played a type of volleyball game called “Nuke ‘em”. Immediately after sessions, we had our second major where “Team Grace” took a hard fought defeat in a well played game of volleyball. While the campers moved on to their cabin cleanup, we gathered as a team of coaches to discuss our afternoon and prepare for pool time (always needed in a country where it’s 120 degrees in the shade and there is no shade). At the pool, I really love getting to hang out and talk with these Egyptians…campers, counselors, and staff. I’ve made some pretty cool friends over here.

Next comes lunch where we were treated to a great meal of barbecued chicken, rice, and vegetable soup. Normally we get a break after lunch to catch up on some needed rest. Today, however, I had to practice our routine for the upcoming talent show as well as a skit for the big event I mentioned earlier…a game of physically exhausting activities called Hexatholon. I got to take some pretty great pictures of this crazy Egyptian creation. The kids looked completely spent physically, but had such great feelings of accomplishment. It was awesome.

After Hexathalon, we had an amazing treat. Dad ordered pizzas from Papa Johns in Cairo and had it driven out to us here at camp. All of us coaches hung out in our hotel devouring this food…laughing at each others stories…dancing and enjoying ourselves. What incredible fun.

On to the carnival. The leadership of this camp really does a great job going all out for these campers. They created a carnival, complete with games, cotton candy, snow cones, popcorn, tea and coffee, and an incredibly talented magician that really wowed us with his illusions. We all, campers and staff alike, got to relax and enjoy the fun. After the carnival ended, all of camp gathered in the middle of the carnival grounds for the talent show. Some kids sang songs and played instruments. Our own Grady Davis played some amazing music with his guitar and even tried to do a song in Arabic for the Egyptians. They loved it. We were the last act to go and we preformed a choreographed dance to “Watch Me Whip.” It was a lot of fun. I’m sure my Uncle Greg will post the video at some point. The magician came after us and did some pretty amazing tricks. He spoke mostly Arabic so it was a little hard to understand what he was saying, but I could easily appreciated his illusions. On to our end of day meeting where we discuss the day, tell some pretty fun stories and highlights, and go over the schedule for tomorrow.

As I wrap this up, I’m struck by how exhausted I am. But it is such a good feeling. We get so much life done in a day with these wonderful people and I truly love what we get to be a part of. Thank you all for reading these posts and praying for us. We definitely need it. It is only by God’s hand that we have the strength to serve him here. I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about what we are doing. I look forward to sharing these stories and more with you all when we get back to Texas.

Love and Volleyball…


Red River Ministries

Wadi Sports Camp

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