Travels to Alexandria and the North Coast!

As our time at Wadi Sports camp came to a close today, we arose early this morning in preparation to leave for Alexandria to start our down time here in Egypt. We were packed ready to go and waiting for the bus to arrive in lobby
promptly at 8 am. To some of our surprise, a hand full of staff and campers woke up early and came out to say goodbye. It had been painful enough for me the previous night to say goodbye to my new friends but it was even harder the second time around.
I came on this mission trip to Egypt thinking that god was calling me to glorify his name by serving others. It had been perfect timing, we were studying James chapter two in my bible study and here James Writes about faith without works is dead faith. I was feeling called to go out and do something when the next day in class, Casey asked if I wanted to go on the trip to Egypt. I knew this was what I was suppose to do but it is funny how god works in that I am leaving camp feeling as though I learned more from the staff and campers at Wadi then I could ever teach them. Through many extraordinary conversations, I learned more about Egypt, the middle east, their culture, and their hardships here then I ever imagined. I am leaving camp with a better sense of how big god’s kingdom really is. These people are truly incredible. What I was most shocked by was how big their hearts are and how loving and generous they were towards us. All i was teaching them was aerobics and dance, what i am truly passionate about but they thanked me as though i had just cured cancer. One of my campers, Lydia, wrote me a thank you note that brought me to tears, causing me to cry out praises to god thanking him for bringing me here. This was the first time i truly experienced the influence that coaches can have.
But as we waved goodbye to all our new friends as our bus pulled out towards the front gates of Wadi with tears in our eyes,our adventure was not yet over. We drove down to Alexandria where we got a chance to walk around the library, citadel, and the cost before enjoying an enormous seafood feast consisting of five different types of humus, shrimp, clams, and fish all caught right there in the mediteranian.  We then headed out towards the North Cost to where we will be enjoying the next couple days relaxing at the Rixos Resort, but not first without stopping for some delicious ice cream in town. The city of Alexandria was absolutely breath taking with high rise on high rise all along the edge of the coast.
Our stay here at the mediterranean the past two days has been a blast! We spent all day today just hanging out relaxing on the beach, enjoying the pool and even getting talked into participating in a water aerobics class. It has been a perfect last couples of days to wind down from the hectic schedule from camp and reflect on our time here.

Red River Ministries

Wadi Sports Camp

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