Red River Ministries Goes to Egypt 2015

As the Red River Ministry Team embarks on journey of spreading God’s light and love throughout the country of Egypt, we would love to invite you to be part of the team. In order to keep you in the loop and equip you with an almost “out of country experience” while allowing you to remain in the country, each member of our team will be posting a daily blog depicting the crazy, unique, and amazing adventures that occur each day. The first thing we wish to do before updating you about our trip is to voice our thanks and gratitude for your help in actively praying for our trip. While we know that God does not call each of us to go in person to other countries, rather we work and function as one unit, a Christian body, with Christ at the head and each body part has a meaningful and separate duty. We feel that you are just as present as we are in this exciting adventure and want to say thank you for your willingness to serve. The majority of our posts will be associated with our time serving at Wadi Sports Camp as coaches. Feel free to join the mission or give us a shout out on twitter, Instagram, or Facebook using the hashtag #RRMTeamWadiSports.

I will begin this journey where all good stories begin… at the beginning. RRM Team met at the DFW airport at ten in the morning on Thursday, July 16 to fly to Cairo, Egypt. We flew for 15 hours and landed in Dubai, where we had a short lay-over. After this, we had a 5 hour flight into Cairo, Egypt. Tired from long hours of sitting on an airplane yet filled with excitement to begin our journey we have been preparing for, the RRM team joyously grabbed our luggage, went through customs, and tightly squeezed our group of twelve into a small van. There to aid us with our travels from the airport to the hotel was our Egyptian friend Merna and her driver. After a twenty minute drive, our team arrived at the hotel Flamenco positioned along the Nile River in between Cairo and Giza. Once we unpacked and freshened up, Merna took us to an Egyptian style of Chilis restaurant overlooking the Nile and many extravagant party boats celebrating Felouka.

After eating breakfast at the hotel we got on our bus and headed to Old Giza to visit the Pyramids. This is an amazing site because the men who build the pyramids did not have the tools we have today. The granite stones are about 6 foot by 4 foot and some are even larger. Some of the team members rode camels around the pyramids with local Egyptian leading the way. These unique camels were named in memory of famous US characters such as Mickey Mouse,  Michael Jordan, and Bob Marley. Finally we went down the hill to see the Sphinx and took pictures pretending to kiss it. We then headed to Garbage City where Egyptians sort garbage from Cairo. This town called Manshiyat Naser depends on the trash collected from Cairo to make money by recycling what they can. This district is known for a large population of Coptic Christians. By the mountain side in Garbage City there is a church called Virgin Mary and St. Simon The Tanner Cathedral also know as The Cave Church. This church is beautiful and was cleaned out by local trash collectors and they discovered a manifestation of the Virgin Mary carved out in the stone. Under this carving they have an alter and built 20,000 seats which makes it the largest church in Egypt. There are multiple cave churches in Egypt but this one is the most impressive with carvings all around the caves.

As an ending of our day, we traveled an hour West of Cairo to the Wadi Sports Camp. We hope to daily keep you posted with a new member of our team posting each day. Thank you again for your prayers and God bless. For more information on Red River Ministries or Wadi Sports Camp click on the name to direct you to their websites.


Hayden Rich and Alfonso Garza

The Great Pyramids of Giza Cave Church Carving outside Cave Church Wadi Sports Camp