Another Day In Paradise

Hello all,

Alfonso here writing from the most incredible place on Earth, Wadi Sports Camp. I’ve come to love this wonderful oasis in Egypt where God shows us that we must love one another to really love Him. This is my third year serving with Red River Ministries and it has completely changed my life. I love all the campers and staff at Wadi, and it’s an honor and a blessing to serve them.

For the past two days our team has been training with campers from a younger camp called W2. We were able to spend two full days with campers coaching and officiating their sport majors and championship matches. The theme for training was to familiarize ourselves with camp and help form our expectations for coaching W3 campers. I will be coaching Dodgeball/Team sports with Melissa, whom you will hear from later this upcoming week. For all our past readers, you all know that Dodgeball is really popular at Wadi. So popular that the campers play it daily against each other in cabin competitions and Alpha/Omega challenges. For those of you that don’t know, the camp is divided into two groups, known as Alpha and Omega, within each cabin. Through camp, they compete in different challenges where they earn points to see who the ultimate champion is. At the recent Dodgeball World Cup, Egypt fielded a team and most of them learned/practiced Dodgeball at Wadi Sports Camp. Possibly because it was widely spread through social media that Egypt participated in the World Cup, they decided to introduce dodgeball as a major. I’m excited to meet all my campers tomorrow and can’t wait to share this journey with you all.

My love for officiating sports was put to the test on our very first day here. Geoff told us we would just watch the first day and on the second day we would participate in majors and sessions. In majors, we coach a sport and in sessions we officiate different sports. “Championship Day” during camp is the day were the best Alpha and Omega campers compete against each other in dodgeball, volleyball, basketball, soccer and other sports according to what majors campers participated in. During the basketball championship game, I was asked by the staff to officiate the girls championship match. Of course, I said yes and immediately ran to my room to locate my whistle. It was super official as I wore a green soccer officials shirt and I was asked to wear a Go Pro camera, just to make sure I didn’t miss a call. I walked out of the tunnel at the soccer stadium to the song of the UEFA Champions League along with my two assistant officials and the players. I can’t put it in words how excited I get being a part of these campers’ experience. The game went on without a hitch, and everyone seemed pleased with my officiating. The main event of the night was the boys championship match where dinner was served at the stadium. Usually I don’t eat the dinner at Wadi, but I could not resist the smell and had a pita type thing with meat. As soon as I finished my meal, I was asked to officiate the boys game as well. I jumped up and said yes. The game was also a success, and it was one of the highlights I’ll cherish forever.

On our second day, we attended majors, but dodgeball had a pool day so, as you can guess, I went to soccer. They played one last match as a group and I officiated them. During the afternoon, the campers had Pool time and the Man and Women of Wadi competition. I’ll let one of the other team members describe the competition later this week. For the afternoon major, we were given the choice of which sport to attend. And yes, I went to soccer where we played a staff versus campers game. I started as the goal keeper and didn’t give up a goal!!! Then I played midfield for the second half and, believe it or not, I scored a goal!!!!!! I don’t play much soccer, but it is my favorite sport to play/watch. To wrap up the day, we attended Warball, which is a huge dodgeball game, and I’ll let one of my other team members describe it later this week as well. In the short time we have spent with these W2 campers, the whole team has established relationships, and we are going to miss them. We will spend breakfast with them and will be able to say goodbye.

To finish off the post I want to share scripture that I read today.

“Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth” 1 John 3:18

“Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.” 1 John 4:11


Alfonso Garza, Jr.

Edited by Hayden Rich


I have not tried the bidet…..yet……

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