Yalla (Let’s Go)


Today was our first day with fresh campers here at Wadi Sports Camp. We said good bye to the friends we made from the first two days here, and welcomed a whole new group. The welcome ceremony was exciting as this session was christened in a brand new worship hall. The outside and inside walls and roof show wood, and the steps leading up to the building are granite. Its really nice. During this time our team was introduced and each name was followed by a roar. We really felt welcomed and loved. Each day at camp is filled with so much emotion.

My first major of the camp came and went. I do my best to control my excitement. I am coaching baseball which I love so much. I want so much for the campers and can be critical of myself. Its hard to decide what information to share in such a short period of time. In our first day we played catch first from a knee, then standing. My Co-coach and I (Cate) share some tips and laugh along with the kids as they play. The camp has laid some grass and so now baseball has its own space which is really cool. Its really an honor and privilege to share something I love with a culture that has such little exposure to it.

This is my second year at camp. Even though its hectic at times and we are tired a lot, there is peace here. God has blessed this place and these people. We are able to create friendships and share thoughts. We are building each other up. There is so much growth in this place it is quite amazing. We as Americans are sharing and loving these people, and are receiving the same thing in return. Praise God! – Scott Callen

This day has flown by-we started our major off by meeting our campers and playing bob-the-weasle and the screaming game(where basically whoever can scream the longest and the loudest wins) it was a great ice-breaker and really loosened everyone up.  We then went through some tennis fundamentals and did some drills.  We have two Egyptian counselors coaching with us and it has been so sweet to get to know them and work alongside them.  They have such a heart for these kids and an excitement for playing these games.  We ended the major by playing kings and queens and passing out candy. It was pretty great.

I loved getting to meet Kiko-she is the camp photographer and is so excited to be here! Her joy is contagious and she has gone out of her way to make me feel welcomed.  She loves to play the sports with us and is so kind to everyone she encounters.  She has a joy that is so evident to everyone she meets.

We had a lot of fun as a team today and really bonded over signs and some card games. This is such a kind group of people and and everyone is so excited to be here.  I am so thankful to have the opportunity to work alongside these other coaches and build lasting relationships with them.  These are fast friends with big hearts.  #cleareyesfullhearts  We are praying big prayers to have bold conversations with these campers and to able to build lasting friendships. God is working in really sweet ways in our hearts.  Red River Ministries is thankful for your prayers, support, and going on this journey with us.  We are here with our palms up excited to see what the rest of this week holds.

All our Love,

Meagan and Scott




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