Habibi (My Darling)


Greetings from another awesome day at Wadi Sports Camp! This is John and Shelby taking over the blog tonight. It started out as a pretty slow day and we were all pretty tired. But, as soon as majors started, both of us were extremely excited to get to work.

Shelby here, I am the aerobics and dance major here at camp! I have a background in dance and am a personal trainer, so I came in with a pretty well thought out plan of what I wanted to do with the girls this week. But as soon as the major started yesterday, I realized I was going to have to switch everything up a lot. Today, we started with a jazz class, which they found very challenging. I didn’t know what to expect or what level they would be at so I taught what I thought was a beginner class but what ended up being too hard for them since they had a very limited experience with jazz. I left the class still really tired and unsure of what I was going to do next with them. In the afternoon though, we did hip hop and they actually loved it. They picked up the choreography really quickly and seemed to have a lot of fun with it. So after the second major period of the day I was really excited for the next time we do hip hop in a few days. Throughout the rest of the day my job was to go around and take pictures of the different sports going on and just hanging out and getting to know the campers and counselors better.

Hello all! This is John, I am the “American Football” coach here at Wadi. I learned very early I had to specify the “American” part. Camp has already been an incredible experience, but today was especially awesome. Today, Grady and I finally got to work with the campers on football! The campers are super enthusiastic about the sport, and they all ask us if we can play tackle football like we do in America. While they love the sport, they’re also not particularly accustomed to the discipline involved with the sport. During our morning major practice, one of the campers ran up to the team 10 minutes late. After giving Grady and I a couple of excuses, we noticed the shirt he had on…it said “Always Fashionably Late.” After exchanging a few chuckles, and hearing more elaborate details to his story, Grady took a couple of laps with him while I got back to the team. The best part of the day, though, was right after majors. Several of us were “drafted” to play on the teams of several of the campers. I played as an Omega on cabin 4. My shining highlight during these 4 games came during my fourth and final game. We were playing basketball and it was all tied 2-2 with 2 minutes to play. After stealing the ball, I had a wide open lane for an easy layup. As soon as I planted my foot to jump off the ground though, my foot flew out in front of me, and the ball made it about halfway to the hoop as I proceeded to land on the ground, flat on my back. The last thing I remember was all of my fellow Omegas yelling “Go coach! Go Coach!”, and the first thing I remember after turning over onto my stomach was the sight of Alfonso (who happened to be officiating my game) bent over, laughing at me. Needless to say, that moment, combined with all of the other moments I had getting to compete with them in different sports, made my day and is something I will cherish for years to come!

Overall, we had a great day! Getting to interact with the campers, and getting to know them better was such a blessing. Everyone here is so awesome and super welcoming to us. We are super excited to see what tomorrow brings us, but for now we are really tired so we are going to bed! Goodnight!



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