Ishta (cool/chill)

Ryan and Celina, checking onto the blog for the day.  Now the title of this post is a little ironic.  We made “Ishta” the title because a lot of kids have been coming up to us saying, “Ishta Ryan!  Ishta Celina!” which is basically their way of saying you are cool and awesome and chill.  Now that’s not very ironic (because it’s pretty obvious that we are all cool).  But, what is ironic is the fact that today was literally the hottest it has been all week.  Without a breeze or clouds, the sun was directly on us, and man it was brutal!  A little bit of sun does not phase us coaches, and, even with sessions and BOTH majors being in the early heat of the day, today was an absolutely amazing day filled with much excitement and entertainment.  So, Celina is going to take the reins and tell you about some of the awesome stuff that went on at camp today!

It’s Celina! Excited to give everyone an update on day 4 of camp! To start, I am coaching the basketball major along with Garrick. We had two majors this morning instead of one in the morning and one in the evening as usual so we were all very busy this morning. However, instead of coaching the first major this morning, my group went to zip line. I got to choose to either go with them and watch or go check out another major. I chose to head to the dodgeball courts and watch the team sports major. Since we were not using the court that morning, the team sports major decided to take advantage of a new game. They played a game called “ultimate basketball,” which is a combination of ultimate frisbee and basketball. The campers really seemed to enjoy this game.

Next we had sessions, where Ryan and I were officiating a game called Kan-Jam together, which is basically ultimate frisbee with a can that you can score into for extra points. After officiating, we headed to our second session of majors. For basketball today, we worked on defense. We taught them how to always be aware of two things, where the person you are guarding is, and where the ball is. Everyday for majors, Garrick and I, implement a small teaching lesson, followed by a game where they can put the skills they learned to use. However, since the second session was short, we decided to just let them play 5 on 5. You could tell the kids were a little worn out today, which I think everyone was especially today since it felt like one of the hotter days we have had so far.

The night ended with an amazing concert put on by some of the counselors and staff. The kids absolutely loved it! The music was loud, the kids as well as some of us coaches were all up jumping on our feet, we had a blast! They played four songs, 3 in English, and the last in Arabic. It was amazing to see all the kids in there all going after God and having so much fun doing it. It was truly a sight to see.  Now, Ryan is going to talk about his day!

Ishta, Yasta my people! It’s Ryan.  Day 4 has proved that each day just gets better and better out here at Wadi.  I still continue to wake up at 8:08 each morning to John walking out of the room saying, “Hey Ryan, you might want to get up.  Majors start in 12 minutes.”  So, this morning I scrambled rapidly to head down for some very fun tennis majors.  It is always kind of hard to coach tennis when you have only been awake for 15 minutes, but nonetheless, today’s tennis majors were awesome.  After having taught them over the past few days the proper technique for a forehand, backhand, volley, and serve, along with teaching them the rules, we let them get some real tennis play in.  We also played a lot of soccer tennis and other tennis oriented games.  Todo (the MC of camp this week) even came and played tennis with us for a little bit, which made majors even more exciting.

As Celina wrote, we worked Kan-Jam together, so I won’t reiterate that.  But, after majors, sessions, and lunch, a group of us coaches decided to skip out on rest period and spend some time at the zip line.  Now skipping out on rest period is a bold move.  Rest period is a very sacred and coveted time here by us coaches.  But spending it on the zip line was time well spent.  Some pictures can be seen below.  Now, why were all of the majors and sessions in the morning today?  Well, today the X-period was an extremely long and eventful one.  For four hours the kids played real life Clash of Clans.  Each cabin was put into a Clan.  The goal was to level up your Clan so that you could purchase items from the store in order to build a village.  Kids would go around the camp working at various stations to level up and earn gold for their clan.  To show that a kid had leveled up, us coaches would write the level of a certain activity on their arm (nearing the end you would see kids who had their arms completely covered in ink, it was pretty funny to see).  Once this had all finished and each clan had built their campground, they would then build a fire, which they would use to cook hamburgers (and, oh, how delicious those hamburgers were).  The kids absolutely loved this X-period, and it was an absolute joy to watch them have such a great time.

Today was overall tons of fun. It was definitely long but we were having such an amazing time that most of us lost track of time. We are all very excited for tomorrow since we are taking a small break from camp and traveling to the city of Alexandria to visit. We are all excited for what God is doing in the lives of these children and in our lives as well. The days keep getting better and better. Thank you for your continual prayer and support! Goodnight everyone!

Red River Ministries

Wadi Sports Camp


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