RRM goes to Alexandria

Melissa and Garrick sharing our words with you today and what a grand day it was!  Before we get started we want to reiterate how much all your prayers, positive thoughts and vibes have impacted us.  All of you back home have an imprint here in Egypt!

Garrick here in this starting round.  What a magnificent place Egypt is!  Day 5 allowed us the opportunity to take in the beautiful port city of Alexandria.  Our day started with majors. For those of you that don’t know,  I have the basketball major with Celina.  It’s been a fun time working on how to best engage these campers to enjoy the one sport I love dearly!   With such little time to make huge gains in skill and understanding, we introduced “Ultimate Basketball” to them.  Ultimate Basketball is like Ultimate Frisbee, but with a basketball.  You aren’t allowed to dribble and you can’t run with the ball (jump stopping is ideal).  You can score 1 point for hitting the backboard and 3 points for making a basket.  This game helps teach passing, ball security, moving without the ball and allows them to have more opportunities to score more easily.  They loved it!  We played 2 games to 11 and then ended with knockout.  I think we are going to star and highlight using Ultimate Basketball for the future because of how much fun they had!

Shortly after breakfast we boarded the “Cruiser” and made our way to Alexandria.   On the way there, it felt like we were in a real life version of Grand Theft Auto (the video game) when our very impressive driver made a U-turn onto the exit ramp and proceeded to make another U-turn to get into the correct flow of traffic on the highway.  Yes at one point we were going head on with highway traffic, but if you were in the van with this driver as much as we have been you wouldn’t fret at all–this guy has moves with that stick shift Cruiser.

An hour or so later, we found ourselves in the city of Alexandria.  Our destinations were the Citadel of Qaitbay, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the Azza Ice Cream Shop, and the Alexandria Carrefour (mall).  Our first stop was the Citadel and as someone who thoroughly enjoys beautiful coastal views, this fort did not disappoint.  Built in the 15th century,  this harbor fortress was on top of the Mediterranean Sea with an amazing panoramic view of the city to its back.  It was cool to walk in the base itself and imagine how the soldiers would have lived at that seaport.

After spending 45 minutes or so exploring the Citadel, we went to Azza’s Ice Cream Shop and had ourselves a little treat in the heat.  They had mango, lemon, strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate.  I had chocolate and strawberry, but I was able to try some of Grace’s mango and it tasted exactly like a real mango. I definitely chose wrong, but I was not disappointing– they were all delicious and what made it better was being able to share it with great company!  Our next stop was the Alexandria Library, but today was the one day it was closed unfortunately.  We were still able to walk around the premises and take in some of the art and architecture.  From a design standpoint, it was one of the more impressive buildings on the coast.

Next stop was the Alexandria Carrefour which is where I’ll hand off to Melissa, but before I do I just wanted to say that Jackson, Scott, Meagan, Shelby, Chandler and I were able to sit down and enjoy an authentic Egyptian/Arabic/Oriental meal at Ebn El Balad  and  no one got sick–at least not yet!  It was a very tasty meal; we were all very glad we were able to experience that.  I wish I could tell you what we ordered, but I can’t remember or even say half the stuff we ordered and the rest of the group is asleep!

Cheers to a fulfilling time serving in God’s name here in Egypt.   Can’t believe we are just over half way through!  Crazy blessed….

Hi y’all, this is Melissa now taking over.. As Garrick said today was definitely not a typical day at camp. Well aside from the morning because we still had majors and breakfast in Wadi before we took our “day off.” Anyhow as some may already know I am the dodgeball coach along with my colleague Alfonso. Today at majors we basically just started with a dynamic warm-up as always and finally started playing actual dodgeball since we’ve only been working on throwing and catching drills. After playing a few games the kids taught be a special Egyptian dance, which in all honesty I was not very good at, thus I promised them I would practice and have it down to a T by day 8! Once majors were over we ate breakfast with the campers and then left to our Alexandria adventures, which I will fast forward to being at the mall since Garrick kindly shared the first part with y’all. So I actually ate Ruby Tuesday for lunch and only because I was low key missing my American food, I ate some delicious hot wings and a tasty parmesan chicken pasta (yes, I eat a lot). After having a great american lunch, I simply walked around the mall and was in fact very flabbergasted to see many familiar stores and brands.

Our time was then up to come back to Wadi and to our lovely campers. When we arrived back to the camp site, the campers were having a Carnival. The carnival consisted of all sorts of games and foods. There was fried oreos, cotton candy, baked sweet potato, popcorn, slushies, and my ultimate favorite.. pizza! Food and games were not just it though, the carnival also consisted of a talent show where a few campers/counselors/coaches had the opportunity to share their talents, and lastly they had a crazy magician named Chico that got me every time (I would explain the kinds of card tricks he played on me but I don’t want to confuse you all, plus I’m still trying to figure out myself.)

Without a doubt, I had and am sure everyone one else had a great time in Alexandria. I really liked it because it was, to me, more greenzy than Cairo and I love seeing nature’s beautiful green. I must say that my favorite part of the day was at Citadel. Seriously, there’s nothing like a sea breeze, a “Mediterranean Sea breeze” to put a smile on your face, especially when you have no other choice than to wear pants- yellow polk dotted pants in like a 101 degree weather!

It’s been a true pleasure and honor from God to be able to share our daily lives at camp with you all. I sincerely thank each and every single person out there praying for us in hope to demonstrate faith in the midst of fear (and heat), seriously thank you! God bless



Red River Ministries 

Wadi Sports Camp

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