The Bomb (Tic Toc Toc)

Well hello there! This is Grady and Cate taking over the blog duties tonight. We are waiting on all of the team to meet in our coaches lounge…currently John and Jackson are talking about the physics of the movie “Interstellar”, Ryan is reading mean but funny texts from campers he just left back in Texas, grace is yelling down the hall for everyone else to come into the lounge, Alfonso is on Facebook, Scott is stretching, Geoff is asking what major wants to go to the pool for their major….and now there are several groups campaigning Geoff for pool time tomorrow, Garrick is reading a John Wooden book, Chandler and Megan are sharing tea and talking amongst themselves. I think we’re just missing Cate, Celina, Mellisa and Hayden…there ya go, a real time update of what this crazy group is doing, and the real time here is 11:07 Egypt time…this is Grady by the way. Ok…Cate and I are gonna switch spots for a bit! So here’s Cate!

Hey y’all!! It’s Cate telling everyone how awesome day 6 of Wadi Sports Camp was today!! Let me just start out by saying that this trip has been the most beautiful, special learning experiences. We had the blessing of getting to sleep in today and going to breakfast as opposed to getting up early and starting the day right off with majors (I coach baseball by the way;)). I know everyone here, whether a camper or coach, enjoyed this much needed rest.I started the day on the roof with a beautiful view reading about God’s love and being a light for others. After the classic eggs and sausage breakfast, we headed out to the only major of the day. My wonderful twenty four campers that do baseball with Scott and I played a real game of baseball today. As I’m sure you know Egyptians aren’t that familiar with baseball, so I didn’t expect them to pick it up quickly or be very good. But, these campers surprised me with a passion to learn and exceptional talent in the game. Today 90% of the players got hits or made contact with the ball after never touching a bat before and almost every player made an awesome play in the field. The game was full of energy and fun and it was a great start to my day. After baseball and reffing girls soccer with Ryan, we had the first X-Period of the day, the Hexathon. Ten coaches were assigned a cabin to run this race with them, time each event, and provide encouragement. I had Cabin 13, a great group of girls who I enjoyed running and working out in the heat with for two hours. That’s how most events are here, having a blast running around in the sun all day and not caring about the sweat because the people are just so wonderful and fun. During the break today Alfonso, Grace, Ryan, Chandler, and I played Wallyball together (and grace wants me to make sure everyone knows that her team won). Not only are the Egyptians amazing people, but this team y’all makes my day brighter and full of laughter and energy. Our last X-Period was called Tick Tock Tock… but I’ll let Grady tell you about that. I’m sad to say that there are only two days left, but excited to see what cool adventures, games, lessons, and friendships they bring. The relationships I have made have been some of the most precious I have ever made. Grady is currently playing a card game with the few people who stay up past our gatherings at night, but I’ll pass it on to him. Goodnight from Cate. Hereeeee’s Grady.

Mmmkay…So…let me reiterate how nice it was to sleep in a bit today! I started with a bit of John today. The gospel of John, not my co-coach John…I’ll get to that John in a second. I read about Jesus and the woman at the well. The image of water in this story and knowing they were in the heat of the day made the verse come a bit more alive knowing full well the brutality of the sun in the middle of the day and how alluring it would be to never thirst again! Living water to quench the soul! Then it was off to the other John and the campers in American football. When I first found out I would be coaching with an 18 year old, I have to admit that there was a tiny thought in my head that I would probably be doing most of the coaching myself. But man was I wrong! I feel like I’m out here with a salty 20 year veteran coach! If John’s not the governor of Texas one day he’ll make an excellent football coach! As Cate said we had a hexatholon…I was more floating around trying to encourage the campers running or during pushups, jumping rope. I felt like Mick and the Egyptians were Rocky! They did great! So in tic tock, the campers meet up and are informed that their counselors have been kidnapped and are left with a message as to how to find them. They have to decipher messages and defeat other groups in dodgeball type games to get more clues as to what to do and where to go next. I was stationed at the tennis courts where the campers tried to knock off pieces of pottery with a giant sling shot(that’s actually where the conversation of the physics of “Interstellar” started…I’m still confused by that movie). Anyway, their last challenge to free their counselor was to disarm a bomb that was set up on the top floor in one of the rooms of the hotel…wait just to make sure we’re all on the same page, it wasn’t a real bomb…I know tensions are bit high back home…and thanks for the prayers in that regard! Keep praying! But man!! It really looked like a ticking time bomb!!! Shady gave some of us one of the little suitcases with a “bomb” in it for us to disarm in the coaches lounge. It was quite a process! Three separate sets of steps of instructions that included connecting wires, buttons, knobs, switches, jumpers and triggers…I don’t know about the younger crew but I for one felt like McGyver! All we needed was a screwdriver and some duct tape and we wouldn’t have set the bomb off twice…which we definitely did! Oh well! It was definitely an eventful day! I can’t believe we only have two days left…but I’m also grateful to have two more days with these great campers, counselors, administrators, coaches and anyone else I may be leaving out! Two more wonderful days at this magic place! Ok…another real time update…it is 1:11 in the a.m. Egypt time! Goodnight!! I love you all!!! ZZZ


Red River Ministries

Wadi Sports Camp

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