Red River Ministries Goes To Egypt 2016

Marhaban (Greetings)!! We want to begin this intro blog post by extending a welcome to the faithful readers of the last two years as well as the new readers who hopped on board with us this year. If anyone was curious, our 2015 blog reached a view count of over 1700 from over 800 visitors from 17 different countries! So, this is just a clear reminder to us as a team to sincerely express our gratitude and appreciation towards you because without your excitement, support, love, and prayers for us none of this mission would be possible. This trip includes a Red Rivers Ministries Team consisting of sixteen people. Throughout this blog, you will hear from each one of these team members as they share their story, perspective, and individual experience at Wadi Sports Camp. Our purpose and mission for this trip is to share God’s story and love for each one of us through relational ministry. We are committed to showing leadership in sports, love in every relational encounter, and service in every opportunity we get at Wadi Sports Camp.

Our trip began in Dallas, where the sixteen excited and slightly nervous Americans met at the airport. After checking what felt like hundreds of bags and getting through security, we departed on a 15 hour flight to Dubai. Next, we waited three hours before boarding a 4 hour flight to Cairo, Egypt. While all our bags, belongings, and team members made it safely to our destination, the turbulence gave Fons’ the “rumbly tummy” for a couple hours… Once through customs, our team was greeted by our Egyptian friends Shady and Mariz, who led us safely through the crazy Cairo traffic to the Flamenco Hotel Zamelek, which is located on an island in the Nile River. After dropping our bags off at the hotel, our team tradition is to slowly accustom our weak American digestive system to the Egyptian food by eating at Chili’s on the Nile. Once this was accomplished, we headed back to the hotel and called it a night.

Our first full day in Egypt began with a casual trip to one of the ancient wonders of the world- The Pyramids at Giza. This trip consisted of sightseeing, selfies, sweat, sunscreen, water, and many Egyptian vendors attempting to sell us “free” gifts. Thousands of pictures later, we saddled up on camels and were led around the pyramids. The next stop on our trip was the cave church of the Zabbaleen in southeastern Cairo. This church is a Monastery of Saint Simon and is a natural cave in the Mokattam mountain, which is located in an area known as “garbage city” due to the large population of garbage collectors (Zabbaleen) that live there. If you are interested in learning more about this beautiful church, click here. Due to the blazing hot sun and miles of walking (and a bit of riding) through Egypt, a hunger overwhelmed our stomachs. Luckily, Shady and Mariz knew of the perfect Egyptian restaurant for us to stop at, called Abou el Sid. This restaurant whipped us up some genuine Egyptian food consisting of Teheina (a hummus-like dip for bread), and Sharkaseya (a tasty mixture of gravy, chicken, and rice). From here, we perused through a couple local shops and headed to get our supplies at Carrefour (Walmart).  Finally, our exhausted group of travelers got its first taste of the famous Wadi Sports Camp around 9 pm local time. Geoff led us through a short info and prayer meeting on the roof of the camp hotel. While our campers will not arrive until Monday, we will be helping out with the current session starting tomorrow. We hope you enjoy, laugh at, and pray for our team while you follow us through this blog. We could not be more excited to serve in Egypt and witness the ever-present power and love of God in this very country. Again, we want to say thank you for all your support, both financially and spiritually. For more information concerning Red River Ministries or the Wadi Sports Camp, click on the names. You can follow us on instagram @RRMgoestoEgypt. Shokran (Thank you) and God bless!


The Red River Ministries Team

RRM Team 2016