It is starting to get real….

One of the joys of going to Egypt year after year is already having a glimpse of what is ahead in regards to travel, relationships, culture, and even team dynamics.  Yet, one of the difficult parts is the 365 days of waiting in between trips.  Well, the waiting is now over.
Today, we packed and loaded up to head to meet our first leg of the journey – a 16 hour flight from DFW to Dubai.  I love seeing the excitement and energy of both those that have gone before as well as those curious about what they have gotten themselves into.  I love looking at the countdown clock on my phone or receiving “we are waiting with open arms” texts from my Egyptian friends.  Yes, this is starting to get real.
It is also getting very real that we are not just taking a trip of adventure and fun.  While I will say that for me, this trip is absolutely a blast.  I truly believe God has gone before us to prepare a path for us to walk and serve.  He has hopes, dreams, and desires that go well beyond coaching, summer camps, and international travel.  With the layers of spiritual battles this team has already faced, I trust God is up to something in a mighty way.  That Mighty Way may be a single teenager trusting Him for the first time through a relationship built with an American coach.  That Mighty Way may be a college student going to serve draws closer to God than he/she ever imagined.  That Mighty Way may be the softening or even turning point of a country trusting Him in a way never seen before.  I do believe God is up to something, and we are ready to walk in it.
As I wrap up this first blog, I am only starting this journey.  Thank you for praying and going with me and this team of 16 fun, energetic, faithful, dynamic Christ-followers.  It is getting real indeed.
Grace, Cate, Hayden, Ben, Daniel, Mak, Kaila, Dustin, Tyler, Chris, Cullen, Greg, Kim, Mills, Meagan, Alfonso (via Houston) and I say thank you!
We will talk soon….
PS….Alfonso is posting these blogs this year from Houston.  He is still a vital part of this team and he is in communication with us to help the RRMgoestoEgypt adventure…
live generously….

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