Last Day at Wadi

The day has come…the last day of camp 😦

This has been a day we have been dreading since the moment we stepped onto Wadi Sports Camp ground. Each day we have learned more about the camp, the campers, and ourselves and every day is a new experience. Since coming to Egypt, I know I can speak for more than myself when I say that the people here are what makes this trip so incredible. Their passion and emotion they show in everything they do is something we can all learn from and I can say they have taught me more than I have taught them.

Today, we got to sleep in until nine (WOWZERS!!), and then after breakfast we had our very last major. In all our majors, we got to give out three different awards: MVP, Most Improved, and I am Third. We loved being able to think through who deserved each award, and we know giving these awards out meant so much to the campers. After doing sessions after majors, we had yet another pool dance party. This is probably my favorite part of camp because you know ya girl loves to dance. Later in the day, we did clash of clans which lasted the rest of the night. I know the campers really enjoyed the game and we enjoyed getting to hang out with them. Although the night was getting late, the party had just begun. After clash of clans, we played warball and if you know anything about Wadi Sports Camp, you know how seriously these campers take dodgeball. Both the girls and the guys game was madness, but it was so much fun to watch and see how their passion and emotion played into the game. When dodgeball was over, we had closing ceremonies where we got to have yet another dance party! One thing I have learned about Egyptians is they love to dance, so in other words, I have found my people.

Before coming to Egypt, I was struggling with wanting to leave America. I was scared and was experiencing a lot of nerves because this was my first time leaving the country. Now that I am here, I do not want to go home. I want to stay at Wadi Sports Camp forever and experience life with some of the most beautiful people I have ever encountered. I have learned so much not only from the campers, but from all the counselors, staff members, and all the other coaches. I have learned how to laugh through the pain (aka almost dying from the heat) and love so hard despite the circumstances. I have been praying this whole trip for God to open my eyes to things I have never seen, and to remind me of what I have forgotten, and boy oh boy did he do his job. I can say with confidence that Egypt has changed my life forever, and I see things in a whole new view. I cannot thank God enough for choosing a sinner like me to do his work all the way across the world and I love that he blessed me with the funds and support to come here. So, wherever you are reading this, remember that our God is HUGE and is working in places you can’t even think of.

Love passionately and never stop having faith cause our God is too incredible for words.

Love you awesome nerves!


Red River Ministries 

Wadi Sports Camp 


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