Yalla-Let’s Go!

We are on day seven of camp! It is crazy how fast this week has gone by.  It has been the sweetest to come back to this place a second year.

Today we started off the day with majors.  I am coaching soccer with Kim this year and we have 5 campers and 5 counselors at girls soccer.  I have loved having such a small group. I feel like we have really gotten to know the 8 other girls in our group on a personal level and are having so much fun with them as they are coming out of their shells.

After majors and breakfast it was time for the X-period.  The X-Period today was the man and woman of Wadi Challenge.  The boys swim 8 links and the girls swim 4 links.  The boys then get out of the pool and run 1 mile and and the girls run half a mile.  It is really fun to watch.  Hayden swam the swimming portion and Ben ran the running portion.  It is such an encouraging time to see the kids cheer for each other and run with each other as they are finishing the race.

After the Man and Woman of Wadi Challenge there is a 3 hour long pool party.  It is one of my favorite days at camp.  Pool time is the best.  It is such a sweet time to get to have conversations with campers and counselors, play games, and have the best dance parties.  Today was the best of the dance parties and a belly flop contest.

I love this place and the way they do life.  It is so neat to hear their stories and hear about  their love for our King.  These counselors and staff do such a great job pouring into these kids and loving them well.  I am thankful we get to be a part of it.  I have learned so much from these dear friends these last two summers and am hopeful for the ways the Lord is moving in this place.


Red River Ministries 

Wadi Sports Camp


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