Love Like Egyptians

Well hello friends, my name is Mak! I cannot tell you how excited I am to share with all of you. This also couldn’t have come at a better time, but I’ll get to that later.

I’ll start by saying that today was much different than the last 10 days of our lives. We have been going nonstop, having most of our days planned from sun up to sun down and loving every second of it. Now that camp is over we are getting to hangout, enjoy being beach bums at the Red Sea (what a hard life, right?) and soak up each other’s company for the last couple days we have all together. Something we also did today was have a debriefing, to reflect and share different highlights and experiences of camp. (This is where the me being excited above comes into play!) This has always been one of my most favorite parts of working camps. I love love love hearing what people learn, sharing how God is moving in their lives, and seeing how we experience things differently in the same situation.  I couldn’t tell you everything that was shared, but I can tell you that this trip has been incredible. My co-coaches are incredible. I don’t have a better word at the moment than incredible. I couldn’t even share my own thoughts tonight without being a crying girl, so I chose to share them with you all.

Listening to the ways that the Lord has moved this week continues to show how stinkin’ big and awesome our God is. I’m amazed at the amount of love I’ve received from every person I’ve met on this trip. I’ve been challenged by the way I see other people love people. I want to love people like the Egyptians I’ve encountered! I’ve been shown that just because I don’t know Arabic, doesn’t mean God is limited in the same ways as us silly humans. And He is up to something in this place, yall. Just because we speak a different language (really we just don’t understand them, because they are all bilingual rockstars) does not mean you can’t show love. Seriously, love knows no barriers. And if we try and make them, He breaks them. CAN I GET AN AMEN?! This trip has shown me that the same God who I pray to move in my life is being prayed to around the world by others – which is something I’ve said a thousand times out loud, but to see it lived out makes me wanna jump up and down, and point to Him and be like “do you see that, you see Him working?!”. To sum up my experience, I am so thankful. Thankful to have learned, experienced, been humbled, stretched, sweat, laughed, cried, and gotten to know so many people who love Jesus so purely. From the team of Americans, to the camp staff, and even the campers. If you have contributed to this trip in any way – you made a difference in the life of someone, whether it be a camper, staffer, or coach. A lot of times I say “if one person comes to know Jesus from it, then it was worth it.” I can say without a doubt that I know Jesus better because of this trip. I pray that others do, too. I’m thankful for you, I’m thankful for this trip, and I’m thankful for a big God who continues to leave us in awe of who HE is.

Red River Ministries 

Wadi Sports Camp


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