Hey Guys! My name is Kim, or Myhre, depending who is talking to me, and I am so excited to share with you all the fun we have had the past 17 days. I can’t believe it has already been 17 days of being here, and it’s crazy to think we only have 6 days left. God has truly worked amazing things during this trip, and I am going to just give you a briefing of what he has done, although until you experience this trip, you will truly never completely understand, but through these blogs I hope this will give you a glimpse into how it has changed all of us for the good.

First off- sports can bond any and every person, no matter the language a person speaks, no matter how good or bad a person is, no matter what a person believes in, I realized on this trip that by having one simple connection it broke down so many barriers to get to love on people.  Here we are in Egypt, coming together with another culture over sports…its seriously so cool to see. We got to know these campers, counselors, and even other coaches in a more vulnerable way than ever. We broke down so many walls with this simple connection, and got to know so many people just by taking the time in “coaching” these kids, or hanging with the counselors. We coached the kids, but along the way got to know them on a deeper level. We were able to learn about their culture, learn some fun Arabic words (La-AA..which means NO.. that will be my new favorite word to take back home with me) and just have fun everyday showing them our love for sports and Jesus. They had a bigger impact on my heart than I did teaching them how to kick a soccer ball, and that is a promise.  It’s crazy to think that we connected with Egyptians by coaching them in the same sports we coach or play back home.

Second off- Our God in the U.S. is the same God in Egypt.    This was by far the coolest thing to see. The same God I pray to everyday in the U.S. is the same God my campers pray to and look to. It is not the norm for Egyptians to be Christians. The majority of the country are Muslims, so the people at this camp come together not only by their love of sports, but by being Christians. The stories I have heard over the past few weeks are amazing.  Our coaches all have amazing stories about how they got here, the majority of the counselors have been coming to this camp since they were little kids, and the campers all have the same joy of loving God. That one connection we all had was all we needed.  I had some powerful conversations with some people that changed my whole outlook on walking with Jesus. I want to be a better version of me because of the people I met on this trip…both Americans and Egyptians.

Last but not least- WSC 2017—the nicest group of people I have ever met.  Y’all, this has never been so true. Relationships were built so fast because people were so genuinely nice. As soon as we got to camp we were greeted with open arms. Counselors and Campers wanted to get to know us, they wanted us to hang out with them, they wanted to just be authentic with us. We all wanted to do the same. No matter what we were doing (daily pool parties, singing I believe I can fly at lunch, coaching, working x-periods, or eating dinner outside hanging out), this group of people made sure we were taken care of. If we didn’t understand what was being said because it was in Arabic (don’t get me wrong we learned some words, but not enough to understand everything lol), someone would translate for us to make sure we knew what was going on, and we were all in the loop.  I have never built so many relationships in such a short amount of time in my life. Between the coaches, counselors, and campers I feel like lifelong relationships were formed all the way around.

I know this blog is a little scattered, and doesn’t tell you exactly what we did, rather the overview of the impact it had on us all. 16 American Coaches, who were strangers in Dallas Texas, flew to Egypt July 5, feeling every emotion possible, came together as a team in 2 weeks to build lifelong friendships with each other, with others in  country half way around the world , and to form a deeper relationship with Jesus. Egypt– Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the experiences you gave me. Thank you for everyone that prayed and donated to get us here, and all the relationships I am leaving with. You have been more than amazing, and I hope that we will meet again.

Egypt… you will forever have a piece of my heart. See ya soon Texas..


Red River Ministries

Wadi Sports Camp






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