RRM Goes to Egypt 2018

Wow, believe it or not, we are heading back to Egypt 2018.  I’m so excited that God is once again opening the door for us to go.  He has provided a place to serve and a team willing to serve.  We have a partnering church that is helping to send us, but we also need more senders willing to join our team.  If you are interested in being a part of this sending team, don’t hesitate to let me know.  The easiest way is to email me geoff.rrm@gmail.com

This year, I wanted to give you a glimpse of the team going.  We actually have multiple teams going.  We have a group going to help work and serve training camp and a high school camp session, and we have a group going to serve a middle school camp.  I am so excited that we will serve multiple terms, reach more kids, and give more people the opportunity to serve.

I asked one of the teams to give a little snap shot of who they are, why they feel called to go serve in Egypt, and how people can begin praying.  I will post some of the responses below.

Thank you joining us on this adventure.  God is up to something!

Some of the 2018 Team….

Geoff….I wear many hats and love them all!  Christ-follower, husband, father of 3 are probably my primary roles.  My work allows me to teach/coach/serve.  God has provided work for me with Red River Ministries and as a team sport specialist faculty at UT.  Both give me opportunity with college students that stretch me and keep me younger than the number on my birthday cake indicates…that and a few burpees.

Anna…So excited to serve alongside y’all this summer! My name is Anna Snell, I’m married to Benjamin so that’s really cool! I’ve lived in Austin for about two years and I really love this city. I’m from Midland, TX but Benjamin and I are moving to Colorado pretty soon! I like good coffee and playing games with friends and being outside all day and I love Jesus a lot. That’s pretty much all the important info you need to know about me!

Ben…I’m very excited to be going back for my second time to Egypt with this team! I’m married to Anna, so that’s really cool! I graduated from UT in December and am looking to serve youth in the outdoors as we seek to follow God’s call for our lives after this summer. I love skiing most of all (can we go indoor skiing at the Mall of Egypt this year Geoff? 😉 , but I also love all organized sports and how we can use them to positively influence others and build relationships. This trip combines gifts and loves God has given me and I can’t wait to go.

Cate…hello everyone!!
i’m cate goen and i’m geoff’s favorite niece (sorry greg). i’m a senior this year and will be attending the University of Tennessee in the fall. I played volleyball and soccer in high school and i love all things outdoors and sporty. I’m surrounded by amazing God-fearing friends and family who fill my life with such adventure. I have a passion for people and videography, therefore i make a highlight video for each trip. So… be ready for that:) This will be my third year going to egypt, and it’s by far my favorite place!!!

Kim…Hi!  I’m Kim Myhre (basically Myhre ). I coach soccer at Hyde Park (had the pleasure of coaching Cate and Grace … they are actually mini of versions of me and I’m sorry in advance :)) I also coach 9 and 10 year old boys soccer, and work with elementary kids during the day to help them raise funds for their school. As you can see I’m a huge kid  and coaching fan. I also love coffee, and live music , my dog Django and being outside.

Carrie… Hello Friends,  First of all, this is a LOOOOOOOOOONG time coming … i actually still can’t believe I have the privilege to GO to Egypt this year.

You see, i have been on the Other Side of this trip for 12 years … the SENDING side … sending/ praying / and missing my husband as he served for 2-3 weeks every summer in Egypt.  THEN, every year, we would welcome him back home and get to hear all the awesome stories of Egypt and learn about the amazing Egyptian friends that had now become like brothers and sisters to him.  NEXT, 4 years ago, 2 other Riches joined this Egypt trip, and Hayden and Grace both came home changed by God and IN LOVE with Egypt, just like their Dad.  NOW … finally this summer, the last 2 Riches will be joining the TEAM of Egypt Go-ers and have the opportunity to experience Egypt for ourselves … am i right, Wyatt??!

*Ok, onto the questions … I am Carrie Rich, lover of Jesus, wife to Geoff for 25 years,  mom to 3 crazy Rich kids, aunt to Cate the Great, school nurse at Hyde Park High School, and friends with most of yall already on this trip.

i LOVE the outdoors and enjoy doing almost anything outside AND with my people.  i love sports, watching all of them, and playing some of them, and grew up swimming competitively on a club team for 12 years.  I have been on mission trips over the years, with geoff, with our family, with high school students, but this will be my first time to EGYPT!  Cant wait and just so thankful that God is allowing all 5 of the Riches to go this summer.

Grace…) hi I’m grace rich, I’m a senior at Hyde Park High School, this year will be my 4th summer at wadi sports camp, I will be attending Mississippi college to play volleyball in the fall.  I love Jesus, sports, travel, and people.  Let’s do this!

Daniel….Hello everyone! I am Daniel Snell and I am graduating from Texas Tech this semester.  I love the outdoors, sports and serving the Lord.

Kaylee G… Hey everyone!  My name is Kaylee and I am SO excited for this trip!! A little about me…. I work as the Athletic Trainer at Hyde Park High School and absolutely LOVE it. God really knew what He was doing when He placed me there, especially for the fact that I get to work with and be friends with a lot of the awesome people on this trip! My passions in life would have to be traveling, photography, music, and SPORTS. aka why this trip caught my eye. Sports have always been a huge part of who I am, even today as my job revolves around them. So, saying I am excited for this trip is actually probably an understatement. To be able to serve the Lord and other people through one of your passions is just one of the sweetest gifts God can give us. He loves to see us happy!

The past couple of years I have spent my summers in Kenya, Africa, but this year God is redirecting me to a new place on my favorite continent, and I can’t wait to see what He has in store.

Mills… Hi y’all! My name is Mills Hullender and I’m a sophomore at UT and studying Communication of Sciences and Disorders- specifically Speech-Language Pathology. I am currently an active member of Chi Omega (sorority) here at UT and have found incredible community within it. I was born and raised in Midland and have spent almost every summer going to T Bar M sports camp in New Braunfels as well as babysitting. I absolutely love being with children (my friends say that’s my love language but idk). I’m a Younglife leader at Anderson High School and it has been one of the best/hardest things I’ve ever done. But God has been so good and faithful to my co-leader and me. The past 5 years I have struggled with chronic migraines and undergone various treatment and surgeries. While this has really tested my faith and taken a huge toll on my life, I consider it a blessing. The Lord has taught me so many things through this trial and because I have been so challenged in my faith, it has only grown stronger. But that still doesn’t change the fact that there are many days when I really struggle and have to miss out on fun things because the pain gets so bad. That being said though, I know that the Lord will heal me in His time, so now all I can do is wait and trust in Him. And college is really great and I love it & the longhorns #hookem
Hayden… Hey guys! My name is Hayden Rich, and I am a sophomore at the University of Texas. I play for the Texas Ultimate Frisbee Team and really enjoy getting to compete, grow in relationship and be involved with some awesome guys on this team. In fact, I just landed in St. Louis, Missouri for an ultimate frisbee tournament that we are playing in for this weekend. Sports have always been a huge part of my life and are one of my true loves! Growing up I played whatever sport that was in season. In high school, I realized I could only choose a few sports so I played baseball, basketball, football and a little ultimate. I love the impact that sports can have on people’s lives, especially off of the court/field. I’m sure everyone on this trip has had or will have that experience and realization with sports, so I’m excited to get to talk about that/experience it together. Along with studying Exercise Science in preparation for Physical Therapy school and playing on the ultimate frisbee club team, I also get the incredible opportunity to coach middle school football at Hyde park (I told you sports are my life)! I have done this for two years and I feel very humbled and undeserving to have the opportunity to teach kids about football and faith. Outside of the sports world, I am very passionate about music, people, and Jesus. I am very excited to get to grow with all of y’all and hear how God is working in yalls lives!

Andrew…I am Andrew Franco. I will be going to Texas Tech in the fall, and studying sports management. I played football (left guard)and tennis in high school. My mom is a pre-school teacher at Walnut Springs in Dripping and my dad works at Samsung. I have an older sister who goes to Sam Huston State and is planning on transferring to Texas A&M in the fall.

Kailey B….. Hey hey!!  I’m Kailey Burton but you can call me KB, which will helpful in the future considering there are two of us. I am so excited to be joining you all in Egypt this summer and can’t wait to meet everyone face to face!

I am currently a junior at UT but was raised in Dallas. I am the oldest of three and am passionate about pretty much anything involving Jesus, fitness, or nutrition. I love coffee, I’m a self proclaimed foodie, lover of musicals (currently obsessed with The Greatest Showman and Wicked is my all time favorite), I make some money working on a food truck called Ranch Hand with other UT students, I’ve played soccer for most of my life and got to play collegiately for two years before transferring to UT, my happy places are the gym and Whole Foods, and the time I enjoy most is with my family and traveling to new places.

Hunter…Hello Friends, My name is Hunter Ruffin, I am a High School Earth Science teacher at Hyde Park. I love the outdoors and I love serving in whatever way I can. I recently went through a tough divorce but am encouraged by God’s infinite ability to redeem. Truly I have learned what it means when Paul says draw near to him and he will draw near to you.  I love working with kids and I love learning and teaching, just about anything, and I love using the story God has given me to pour into other people.

Wyatt…Hey.  My name is Wyatt and I’m 14 and go to Hyde Park Middle School.  I love sports, specifically basketball, and fortnite.  I’m so excited to finally get to go to Egypt with my family.

Bratcher…My name is Stephen Bratcher (you can call me Bratch or Bratcher), my wife Lauren will also be on the trip! She went on this trip back in 2012 while she was a student at UT. I am excited to join this time around.

I teach Christian Leadership and Apologetics and coach soccer, softball and ultimate at Hyde Park High School. This is my third year at HP and the Rich family finally convinced me to go on this trip… haha just kidding. Lauren and I have been wanting to go and were finally able to make it work!

Lauren is a personal trainer for Camp Gladiator and also serves on Young Life College staff at UT.

Reese… Hey everyone!  My name is Reese Leonard. I’m a junior sport management major at the University of Texas, and I will be interning for Geoff with Red River Ministries this summer, and I couldn’t be more excited. I am from San Antonio and graduated from San Antonio Christian High School, the youngest of three, and the most athletic (don’t tell them I said that). I am a YoungLife leader at Hyde Park High School, so through this I have actually met quite a few of you! Also, I am a TA for Geoff’s basketball classes this semester and I love it!

* Why Egypt….Tell us why you want to go/feel called to serveInclude at least one thing you are really excited about for this trip

Geoff…Egypt has become one of my favorite places in the world.  I love serving through the instrument of sport, coaching, travel and culture; this trip allows that in ways that I cannot describe.  I have been going since 2006 and will keep going until God is clear on shutting the door.  I’m so excited to see a group of people that don’t know each other well bond in significant ways through serving in an amazing place.  I’m excited about hearing Arabic and being in a familiar place but learning new things.  I am super excited that my entire family will be serving with me this year.

Anna….I’m really excited that I get to go to Egypt this summer! After hearing all about it from Benjamin & Daniel when they got back last summer made me really want to go. Plus! This will be mine & Benjamin’s first ever mission trip to go on together! I’m most looking forward to building relationships with believers from another culture and encouraging them in any way the Lord allows. I just love how our commonality in Christ is unifies us despite our language and culture differences. I love any and all outdoor activities and am so excited to use that as an avenue to further God’s kingdom.

Ben…And that’s why I’m excited for Egypt! I’m looking forward to seeing old friends there and meeting new ones, using sports and my abilities to share Christ with the youth, and to be on mission for the first time together with Anna!

Cate… Being related to the leader of the trip has its perks; like being able to go to egypt as a sophomore in high school. Getting to travel and serve with my family is such a blessing and meeting the team is always a party!!! There is never a dull moment in egypt!!!! As Geoff says… “in Egypt, the world shrinks and His kingdom expands.” I could not think of better words to describe this dream of a place. I can’t wait to see all my people, play lots of sports and celebrate Jesus with my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Kim… This is my second year to get to go to Egypt. It’s literally one of my favorite places in the entire world. The people are amazing and some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and it’s crazy awesome to see the same God we serve here is the same God they serve there. I thought I would go one time and like it —- didn’t know I would love it. I am so excited to get to do this journey AGAIN, and with all y’all! Be ready for a great experience!

Carrie…*Egypt?  well, Egypt happens to be 3 of my family members favorite HAPPY place on this planet.  So, i am ready to go and experience Egypt and the people who call it home for myself, as well as grow closer to my God who is the same God in Egypt as He is in Austin.  I guess i am most excited about 2 things … serving as a family on a mission trip altogether before Grace heads off to college in August; AND the opportunity to personally meet ALL the Egyptian friends that i have been hearing about for so long.

Grace….well I love Egypt, like I said it will be my 4th time this summer, this is what I look forward to the whole year and I feel God’s love the most in Egypt. It’s my home!!!!!!!!  I know you will LOVE it, too

Daniel… Why Egypt? I went last summer and was skeptical about it because it was different than any other mission trip I have been on but the Lord showed me that there are many different ways to serve Him and advance his kingdom. I tell people that last year’s trip was the greatest experience of my life and I cannot wait to go back!

Kaylee G… Why Egypt… Well, for the past few months God has been showing me, through using Carrie, Grace, Cate, and Geoff, that this was where He wanted me to be this summer. I had been hearing about this trip for quite some time, and each time is was brought up I was more and more interested. Finally, the details played out and it became reality.

Mills…Reasons I’m going to Egypt: Last year I felt the Lord calling me to missions. I didn’t know what that would look like but I knew the Rich fam went to Egypt so I reached out to hear more about it. They hyped it up so much that I couldn’t allow myself to not go! Soo that’s what I did. And I truly fell in love with everything about it. From the country, to camp, to the people, everything was incredible! It was so fun I’m to use my passion of sports to share the love of Christ. And I’m so excited to get to do that again!! God taught me so much last year and I cannot wait to see what He has in store this year!!!


Hayden…Why Egypt… As you can already tell, I’m part of the rich clan. This summer will be my sister and I’s 4th trip to Egypt in a row. It’s been a huge blessing and incredible opportunity in our lives. Ever since I was little, I remember my dad leaving every summer to go teach sports in a far off land called Egypt. Every year I would see pictures and hear all the awesome stories from my dad and my uncle. At times, it even felt like I went on those trips with them. Every year as more and more of the adventures were told to us my anticipation and desire grew to go along with my dad to this awesome yet distant place. On my first trip I felt like I knew what I was getting into and what it would be like, but I was very wrong. I had been on many other mission trips but nothing like this. It was an indescribable experience that I will never forget. The staff, the team, the culture, the place, the campers- it’s all just too sweet and incredible to put into words. So, I won’t try to but for those of you who haven’t gone yet… get ready because you will never regret it and God will move! Since my first trip, Egypt has felt like my second home and a place that always has a sacred spot in my heart. While the people that I meet there I only see for a couple weeks every year, they feel like brothers and sisters to me because of the love we have for each other. That’s what I’m excited about! Embracing my friends again! Seeing their excitement and mine explode when we get to be around each other again. Teaching these kids and laughing and enjoying their beautiful country. I’m excited for this new team that will bring with it new memories and inside jokes and experiences! While I’m excited to be back in Wadi with my people, I’m most excited to see God move in our lives and these campers lives like never before. God always works in unexpected ways each year I go. It’s not always clear or easy but it’s so good. And I’m pumped!

Andrew….Egypt because I have heard Grace talk about how she really see God there and how wonderful it is and I want to experience that for myself. I also see it as an answered prayer because I’m fortunate enough to be able to spend 2 weeks with my favorite people. I also feel called to do something before I heard off to college and Wadi seems like the perfect place to do that. I’m really looking forward to being a coach to Egyptians and seeing one of the 7 wonders of world.

KB…I met Geoff through a basketball class that I am taking this semester and that’s how this opportunity landed in my lap, I jumped on it as fast I could, luckily my parents are supportive like that, but I know well enough that things like this don’t come along very often. I love traveling and wish I could do it more often, so getting to serve the Lord in place as magnificent as Egypt was something that I couldn’t pass up. Since moving to Austin this year I haven’t found a place where I could connect with other Christ followers and even though I don’t need to travel to Egypt to do that, this trip is an opportunity for me to revive my faith in a way, something I’m very excited about.

Hunter…I went to Egypt 3 years ago now, and just love the camp atmosphere. I have done camps like the one there all my life, and feel that it is such a strong means of disciplining and building relationships. I simply am trying to walk as best I can through the doors God opens up for me, so that by his grace and mercy someone will be positively impacted. I am really excited to get to know all of you guys and see how each of you uses God’s gifts to further his kingdom.

Wyatt…I guess I have known about Egypt since I can remember.  I have pictures of me in Alpha, Omega, and coaching shirts, so I’m pumped to figure out what that is all about.  I love mission trips and traveling, so let’s do this.

Bratcher…Lauren is so excited to go back to Egypt and I am so excited to go with her this time! I have been to Africa but now I get to add Egypt, which I have been hearing about for years. Lauren and I both love sports and competing and love sharing the gospel through the many avenues God has given us. We are so excited to be a part of this team!

Reese…Through a series of events and uncertainty about my summer, the Lord revealed plain as day that I am meant to be in Egypt this summer. It is not only a once in a lifetime opportunity, but it is an incredible outlet to share the Gospel, which I do not take for granted. I feel blessed enough to have had this opportunity come to me by no power of my own, but through the Lord’s hand working in my life through great people like Geoff. I am so excited to combine three of my favorite things: travel, sports, and Jesus!

* What needs prayer….Tell us how we can pray for you as you prepare for what is ahead

Geoff…I ask for prayer for provision.  It seems a little daunting right now, but that also shows me God is up to something.  I’m praying for each of you as you prepare for what is ahead!

Anna…My prayer is that the Lord would prepare my heart for service. I can unfortunately be a very selfish person and I don’t want that to get in the way of His purposes for our time in Egypt.

Ben…My prayer is that I would take advantage of opportunities to boldly share my faith while we are there, and that I would rely on God for provision in areas like rest and health.

Cate… Raising money is always a prayer request!! But i would also appreciate prayers for an open heart for what God has for me in Egypt as i prepare to go off to college!!!!!!

Looking forward to this trip with y’all!! it’s gonna be amazing because it always is. Only a few more months!!!

Kim… Prayer request – that God just opens my heart to serve to continue grow in my faith while I’m there and use me in whatever way he plans!

Carrie…*Prayer … 1. Pray for God’s peace and provision for our family as we celebrate Grace’s senior year and graduation:)  2. Pray i allow God to prepare my heart to serve in whatever way He has planned for me in Egypt, and then for courage and strength to do that boldly while we are there.

Cant wait to see all of you soon!  thanks for saying YES to go and serve Jesus in Egypt.

Grace…. please please pray for me as I finish high school and start college volleyball; pray that I begin training now to prepare.  Please pray for me to be patient and be present here and not just dream about going to Egypt

Daniel… What needs prayer?  I am a very competitive guy and I know that I need the Lord’s help to be able to minister to people through sport without trying to be the best at everything.

Kaylee G…Prayer requests… for the next couple of months to be a preparatory time and not just a waiting period. It’s easy to get caught up in my daily routine and forget that I am on mission here as well. Also for funding and health!

Mills…Prayer requests:  Being in college with a chronic illness is not ideal. I mean it when I say that I do believe it’s a blessing in so many ways, but it is not probably how I would have written the story of my life (which is exactly why I’m not in charge); so please just pray for strength and that the Lord will continue to help me go about each day and to not let this pain get in the way of everyday life with friends and fun things. Also that my head will not get in the way of the trip!! Pray for comfort and peace for my parents as they send their child across the world. Lastly pray that the Lord would provide the finances needed to go on this trip.

I’m excited to meet each of you and look forward to serving the Lord with you!!
Hayden…What I need prayer for…Specifically this weekend I would love prayer for safety for my team and I. It’s our last regular season tournament before we start our sectional and regional competition. The weather is supposed to be very cold, windy and wet (possible snow on Sunday) so pray for health. And for this trip, I would really appreciate prayer for a willing and open heart to where God needs me. That i submit to him all my desires and longings and let him lead the way. For clarity on where he is moving in my life (for this trip and my future) and wisdom/courage to follow that!

Thanks guys! Excited to meet y’all!

Andrew….Some prayers would be watching over everyone until the trip and watch over us as we travel and serve.

KB…My prayer request is the courage to be open and vulnerable during this trip, as well as safety.

Hunter…I certainly need prayer for provision. I also need prayer for patience and energy as the school year finishes up. Pray that I can speak boldly this summer and love and serve well.

Wyatt…My biggest prayer is traveling and being prepared for all that is coming.  I have been at tons of camps but never at a camp in a foreign country.

Bratcher…We could use prayer for fundraising, Lauren already fund raises for her role at UT so we are praying that the Lord provides the funds for this trip as well.

Reese…I would love some prayer, as I’m sure quite a few of us are praying, for provision to make this possible. In addition to that, for continued support and prayer for the rest of this semester as it has been the hardest for me in college! I can’t wait to meet those of you that I haven’t yet and get to know more deeply those of you that I have



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