Travel Day and Day 1 in Camp

Welcome aboard another Egyptian expedition. This 2018 edition of RRM-goes-to-Egypt involves many old faces and seasoned veterans alongside many new players. We are beyond excited to get started on this adventure that is unlike any other. As I begin my fourth straight summer at Wadi Sports Camp, I am overwhelmed with emotions. There is no doubt that I am excited for endless reasons- to reunite with some of the kindest, coolest and most fun people in the world; to interact, teach, love, and grow with campers; to experience a different culture and language; to witness young Egyptians come to know, experience, love and begin a relationship with Jesus; to participate in some of the most unique, detailed and fun games I could ever imagine; and to witness the love of God work and move in this camp to just name a few. This excitement is also accompanied with nostalgia and wonder. Wonder in what this new trip holds for us, and what God will do this time around. Nostalgia in past memories that have been embedded into every part of this camp. Since it is my 4th year, I constantly reflect on how different each year is, how much I have grown since the beginning, how certain things never change, and all the different ways God has shown up on these trips. I am always blown away with how quickly each year flies by. These memories also teach me how my perspective on Jesus and God has changed, grown, and strengthened. While this time in Egypt is so special for every person who chooses to come, it is something so much more to me- something I hardly can grasp or explain. So… Let’s get started.

As many of you already know and have heard about, our trip began with the usual travel day- that literally takes an entire day (did I use literally correctly there Greg?). I always want to give a big shout out to Emirates airline because of their awesome movie selection they always offer on their flights. This year was no different- the choices were endless and all so good. Kim Myhre and I decided to have a horror movie binge session on our 14 hour flight from Dallas to Dubai. It was definitely a great decision. The flights went smoothly, and we got through customs with all of our bags and people in tact. We made our usual pitstop at Carrefour (Egypt’s version of Walmart) and then headed to Wadi Sports Camp. This was our first trip where we got to the camp before any of the counsellors or staff. Yesterday was filled with training and setting up the camp. Even though our focus was to get the camp ready, we still found plenty of time to play some of our all-time favorite team games- like Wallyball, Signs, Psychiatrist, and lots of card games. As the day wrapped up, we got to hear from the director and mastermind behind what makes Wadi so special, unique, and fun- Shady. This man is beyond incredible. His passion for camp, kids, and Jesus is like nothing I have ever seen. He shared his vision of this year’s camp- which accompanied some brand new camp games that blew our minds (updates on these coming soon). His love and passion inspires me to be bold for Christ in every part of my life, and I am so thankful I get to know him. Well, that is all I have to say so far… Stay tuned to hear about many more experiences and meet our awesome RRM team. As always, we cannot thank everyone who supported enough. Whether you gave your support through finances, encouragement, prayer, or just by following us on this blog- we want to say a gigantic THANK YOU. You make all this possible and you are every part as important as any of us that feel called to go. You are a part of this awesome RRM team so welcome aboard. Much to come very soon… Until next time, Peace!


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