I am writing this blog with a lot of mixed emotions.  While Egypt has become my favorite place, I realize that I fall in love not only with the people here in this wonderful country, but I grow so close to the team that comes with me to serve.  I hope you have been able to read the blog and get an idea of some of the cool things we get to do, but words can only paint part of the picture.  This is such a special place.  I feel so close to God here, and while I know that He is near me wherever I go I love that he gives me such a recharge every time I come to this place.


We just said goodbye to the first team that came to serve with us, and I will be honest…I miss them so much more than I even thought I would.  I loved how we laughed, played, and coached together.  But, I also loved how we shared what God was doing each night and got to ask questions to each other and really get to know each other in a genuine way.


It was kinda funny that when we got the text that the part of our team that left landed in Dallas, we were actually pulling into the gates of camp.  We were greeted with younger campers and the coaching team we had trained the previous week.  They were into full swing with camp, and it was fun to see how they were embracing this place.  It didn’t take long for us to drop our bags off and run out to help with an event called “combine” (think pure chaos).  What a way to be welcomed back to camp.


At night we had the carnival.  It is fun and kinda sad seeing the same camp events without the campers and coaches we had been with, but the new campers soon made us feel loved and we know tons of the staff which helps so much.  I also know we will begin to bond with this other team of coaches.  As my dad says, we are one team with one goal.  We may have had a different role for a while, but we will come together to serve and seek to give God the glory.


This morning, I changed majors and coached cross-fit with Mills and my dad.  It is the first time to ever coach something other than volleyball and it was fun.  The campers are beginning to warm up to us, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us and for them.


Well, it is pool time, so I better go play 9 square and hang out with campers.  I really do appreciate you praying for us.  Did I mention I love this place?



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