A Look At How Far We Have Come

Hello everyone, this is Hunter Ruffin checking in from Wadi Sports Camp W2. I have had an incredible experience these past few weeks. Full of life changing conversation and revelation. God is up to something in my life and in this place, and he has been using Egypt to sculpt and mold me.

My role here at camp has been mostly teaching the baseball major with Bratcher and Cate. It was so much fun going back to the basics of one of my favorite sports, and I mean very basics. What an intricate and complicated game baseball truly is, but the Egyptians were always eager to learn and never gave up. Most of them were 15 and had never held a baseball. Usually we broke them into stations and tried to do skill drills while teaching a rule at the same time. For example, practicing hitting at a soft toss station while explaining the concept of a count, and balls and strikes. By the end of camp we were playing full field scrimmages and they loved it. I learned about patience and how bringing energy that God provides can push kids to overcome obstacles and teach perseverance.

Today I am here at W2 filling a support role for the A&M team. I was placed coaching soccer with Juan, and it has been fun doing something different, especially in a sport that the Egyptians are already so passionate about. The A&M team has brought a new energy, and it is fun to watch them impact camp.  It was hard to say bye to the first group but every day I learn more about the new team and that has been very rewarding.

Other than baseball my roles were pretty all over the place. Such is life at camp, “here is your assignment, but show up ten minutes early just in case it changes” Haha I love that about camp. Beyond the reffing and coaching, what I got to do is build relationships with campers and staff. Campers could open up to me about their struggles and questions and all the while I got to learn and teach.

One of the other great things about this experience has been getting to know and learn from the other coaches. You all have heard their stories and have a glimpse of how fun and insightful they can be. I have learned from them and shared with them, and I feel like I have developed and improved on lasting friendships.

I want to say a huge thank you to every person that supported me and the rest of the team. It was amazing to see how God provided and brought these teams together to have a positive impact on the Wadi Sports Camp. Every day I feel God pulling on my heart and calling me closer to him and to live a life more like Jesus.



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