Going to Egypt…

Wassup everybody, this is my first year at Wadi Sports Camp, but believe me I feel like I’ve been here before because all of Grace and Hayden’s stories throughout the years. I was a little nervous coming in because of the plane ride and being so far away from home. But, Whenever I got here I was welcomed like I’ve been here for years and that helped me fall in love with this wonderful place. In W3 I was coaching basketball with Reese to kids that are 16 and 17, which was really weird because I’m 14. It’s funny that people that are way older than me respect me just because the color of my skin and this showed me the power I have in what I say. My favorite part of the day was pool time, a time filled with Spikeball, Ga Ga ball, Coup, Yardies, 9 square, and loud music. Some of the most fun our group had was during the different X periods. X periods are camp wide games between Alpha and Omega which are the two different camper teams. Color Conquer was the best X period and it consisted of alpha and omega completing different challenges to try to conquer all of camp. I have loved camp so much and hope Grace will let me come back next year.

As a little shout out to all the coaches, “I am going to the mountain, I am going to the valley, I’m going to church on Sunday…..now everybody sing.”  Just a little song I made up to keep things light in the team meetings.

Peace Out,



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