From Heba….camp leadership

Hi everyone!

This is Heba from the leadership team at Wadi Sports Camp. I have been working together with RRM throughout the year to organize their trip to Egypt and it couldn’t have been a more rewarding experience for me.

Since you have been reading daily about the coaches experience at camp and how their days go by here, we thought we would share with you an Egyptian’s perspective on this trip just to let you know how amazing these people are and how much we appreciate them coming year after year.

As you must have noticed from the previous posts, camp is a super super busy place and we don’t get much chill time, however, i have managed to have at least one small conversation with most coaches on this team and I love them all! It has been great having them all this year and witnessing the impact they have on our campers and staff. We love how this team owns the place, feels right at home as soon as they enter through camp gates and take on so many difficult tasks without ever complaining and always asking for more to do. You are not only our campers favorite but you constantly invest in and encourage our staff members as well (shoutout to Lauren who has been giving me my daily dose of smiles and hugs when i felt tired the most!)

To the RRM team, thank you for believing in us, loving camp that much, loving our campers and staff and constantly giving all you can without expecting anything in return. You are our partners in making this camp the best place ever. Because of you, we are able to make Jesus known to more campers every year. Looking forward to more years of this partnership. To anyone involved by any means in this trip, even if you couldn’t make it this year, thank you for sending these beautiful people over! IMG_4055

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