RRM Goes To Egypt 2019….

Wow, as I type these words, bags are nearly packed as we prepare to depart for another adventure of RRM going to Egypt.  I am so excited about this team going and about the opportunities that are ahead of us.  I have loved seeing God bringing a group ready to go, prompting people to help send, and stirring His people to pray.  I am so thankful for this team of go-ers/send-ers/pray-ers.  What a team!

I am going to try a couple things this summer.  Follow our instagram RRMgoestoEgypt to see updated pictures, and as always we will blog about this trip.  If you want to be included on our prayer team, send an email to geoff.rrm@gmail.com.

God is up to something…may we trust Him…

Here is a list of those going with me this summer…

Grace (college student)
Cate (college student)
Wyatt (HS student)
Hayden (college student)
Aubrie (just graduated)
Jacquelyn (college student)
Gabe (college student)
Coleman (college student)
Jacob (college student)
Anna (young married)
Greg (adult leader/rec professional)
Carrie (adult leader/nurse)
Grady (young adult/teacher)
Kylie (recent graduate/teacher)
Kim (HS soccer coach)
Kaylee (HS athletic trainer)
Chris (college pastor)
Tyler (young professional)
Thomas (college student)
Ryan (college student)
Rocko (college student)
Gage (college student)
Eric (college student)
Drew (college student)
Lauren (college student)
Shaye (college student)
Casey (college student)
Bailey (college student)
Ashleigh (college student)
Anissa (young married)
Alexis (college student)