Camp Staff Training at Wadi Sports Camp

Hi! Thanks for showing up again to find out what our 2nd full day in Egypt entailed!  Most of all, THANK YOU for your love, encouragement, and prayers for our team. I know that God is at work in BIG ways and can feel this team of 17 Americans becoming unified, bold and brave, and full of God’s love for the new people He has brought into our lives.


Today started early with an hour of sports competitions before breakfast.  We gathered with all the Egyptian staff and broke up into teams based on the month of our birthdays.  Then we played 2 different sports against another team to have some fun competition, get to know each other, and build unity.  I loved this part of our day! If you know me, you know that i LOVE to play games, especially anything related to sports. My team consisted of 9 staff with birthdays in March, 2 of us were Americans … my amazing niece Cate and me, and 7 Egyptians, some I knew from last summer and some were new to the staff.  We competed in a game of Wallyball first, and we played well, laughed a lot, and won . Then we played soccer against some very talented and competitive Egyptians and lost. What a fun (and sweaty way) to start our day and to meet many new friends from this beautiful country.


Another highlight of our day was setting up camp by putting together sports equipment and moving it to the right part of camp, painting carnival games and teepees for camp events, picking up trash, and meeting with our co-coaches to plan and prepare for the sports we will be coaching.  This summer I have the privilege of coaching TENNIS with Kaylee Gott, my awesome friend and our Athletic Trainer at Hyde Park High School. She will definitely be the expert for the sport of tennis between the 2 of us! I am excited to follow her lead to use the sport of TENNIS to build relationships with campers.  God reminded me today of this TRUTH: All people from every nation love sports. He can use the vehicle of sports to connect people, build trust, and share Jesus’ amazing LOVE.


Hope you enjoy these pictures from our day and are reminded to pray for us as we serve the campers and staff of Wadi Sports Camp.  We miss y’all and are honored to be on this journey! And we are all doing GREAT!  


Please pray for strength and health physically as we head into the last day before all the campers arrive.  Please pray for God’s protection spiritually as we do the work He has called each of us here to do. Pray for God to move in the hearts of campers as they start camp Sunday.


Thankful for Yall,



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