Hello friends!

Anna Snell here, this is my second time at Wadi Sports Camp and I am incredibly excited to see again how the Lord’s name is glorified and made known through having FUN! One of my favorite things about this camp is how much thought and effort and creativity is put into making this the best camp in Egypt – all for the glory of God and for the purpose of sharing his love with every person that steps on this property. After a couple of days of intense preparation (mostly by the Egyptian staffers – their hard work to make camp happen is amazing – with the help of us Americans) the campers finally arrived this afternoon! The stoke was incredibly high when the buses rolled in today. Participating in welcoming the campers today was definitely an amazing experience, especially since I was able to come on this trip last year and recognized a few familiar faces! The look on the campers faces as they came into the hall where everyone was waiting to throw a giant party for them was incredible. The coaches, the counsellors, and all the staff earnestly desire for these kids to not just have the most fun ever at camp, but have an encounter with Jesus that changes their lives forever. One of the ways Wadi does this is through Majors! Time spent in Majors is time invested in relationships and opportunities to break down barriers so that us coaches and other staffers can share God’s love for each of these campers. Each camper chooses a major sport that they want to participate in to improve their skills and have fun. I have the privilege to help coach Ultimate Frisbee with Hayden and Coleman, who are basically pros, as for me, I just like to have fun 🙂 Today we had our first Major, where we got to introduce our sport and try to learn as many names as possible. I hope I can learn a lot of kids names and get to know most of them, but it will be hard since over 45 campers signed up for Ultimate! I am hopeful and trust in the fact that the Lord has gone behind and before me, that He is with me and all the coaches and staffers and campers, and that ultimately His name WILL be glorified and made known in this place. Please continue to pray for the hearts of the campers – that the Lord will use this fun and amazing place to draw them closer to Him. And also continue to pray for our hearts and coaches, that we would be pure in our motives and make the most of each opportunity to point others to Christ. 

For the fun of it, and for His glory!

Anna Snell


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