The Egyptian Carnival

Hi! My name is Kim or Myhre , and this is my 3rd year to come to Wadi Sports Camp.  I absolutely love this place, and love seeing what Jesus does at this camp everyday. The relationships we get to build daily with these campers and counselors can’t be put into words in a blog post, but I will try my best to give you a glimpse of what is happening in Egypt. 

I have the pleasure of getting to coach girls soccer for the third year, and this is my biggest group of girls yet. I have 20 soccer girls and 5 amazing counselors with me, and I am loving them so much. It’s neat to teach them soccer skills, but let me tell ya, its even better getting to spend time in the word with them each day, and getting to have real life conversations with these girls, and show them how they can relate the word to their real life. They apply the verse we share that day to their own lives, and we get to have those conversations with them.  

Today during our X period we played Pandemic ( campers VS Staff games ). This game is epic. We are trying to not let the campers beat us in different sports and games throughout camp, and at the end we play a HUGE game of dodgeball. I love uniting with counselors and coming together all with one goal in common : DO NOT LET THE CAMPERS WIN 😉 . After dodgeball we had an ice-cream social with a side of an epic dance party. I loved having this time to dance it out with the Egyptians and my fellow coaches. There was also a pretty sweet sunset as we danced the daylight away. 

Tonight was the carnival , and let me tell you the detail that Shady and his crew put into everything that is done at camp is unreal. Carnival was no exception. They hand built carnival games that the campers were able to play, they had snow cones, a form of funnel cake, which were AMAZING. ( When the Egyptians came to Texas a month ago, they came to an Express game and were able to try a funnel cake for the first time.) The carnival is a time for everyone to get to hang out and have fun, talk, mingle, and just enjoy the night. To wrap up the evening they had a talent show that campers, counselors, and coaches can be apart of.  Two of our American coaches crushed the stage, as well as one of my soccer girls, and of course the one and only Baher. I love this night because we get to relax, have fun, and have more conversations with the Egyptians. 

I wish everyone could experience this place , and these people. It truly amazes me that the same God I see in Austin Texas, is the same God I see at Wadi Sports Camp. I am in complete awe that I have had the opportunity to come back to this place for the 3rd time. It is magical, and like I said at the beginning, it is so hard to put into words how much this place means to me, but I am beyond grateful that I am able to experience it, and that I am able to have this amazing relationships that have come from Wadi. 

Thank you for  ALL the prayers and the support that you readers have given us. Jesus is doing some pretty cool things over here and us coaches are feeling that and seeing it daily. 

Until next summer….. 


Kim (Myhre) 


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