Wadi Party

Hey y’all, this is Jacob and I am excited to tell you guys about my time at Wadi Sports Camp!

First, a little bit about me. This is my first summer in Egypt with the team and I could not be more thrilled to be here. I have been involved with a student ministry at the University of Texas at Austin and when Geoff presented me with this opportunity to advance the Kingdom, I knew it was something I should go for. This trip has exceeded all expectations and I know I am fulfilling the plan God has in store for me.

Secondly, I am a coach for the baseball major here at camp and what gets me excited to go to work everyday is the passion that these kids have to get better when they come out to the fields. They don’t care about how they look or what other will think of them; they play and practice with the same intensity and I could not be more proud of their progress so far. They truly make my job of instructing easier every day.

Today, we took a break from all sports in the morning to allow the campers and staff to get some much needed rest! I was sad to not see my campers, but thankful to get sleep and be refreshed for the day to come. We had a blast at the pool and played a modified game of “keep away” with the Egyptian kids and counselors. We held our own, but they put up quite a fight, haha. All of camp then was herded to the soccer stadium to partake in a cool event called “Extraction”. The premise of the game is to have cabins extract, sell, and manipulate the market for oil and their pricing to leverage their group’s “corporation” against the other groups. The game incorporated themes of competition, entrepreneurialism, finance, bartering, and interpersonal communication. I found it fascinating that this particular game blended many real world problem solving applications to the world of physical competition. Afterwards, we attended a concert by a contemporary in-house Christian band. It was really interesting to hear both songs in English and Arabic, with all of the campers diving into the lyrics and dancing to the music. So many campers had a great time as indicated by the giant smiles and laughs on their face as they exited the Old Hall and retired to their cabin for bedtime.

My time here has been short, but I feel as if I have spent a month here and have immersed myself with all of the locals. Can’t wait to continue working and serving the kids, staff, and the entire camp.

Hook ‘em,

Jacob Potter


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