Howdy from Egypt!

Howdy! My name is Gabe Munoz and this is my second year to come to Wadi Sports Camp! I am from College Station, Texas and I am an education major at Texas A&M University. 

Let me begin by saying that this is my absolute favorite place on earth. I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to come back to Cairo with this team from Austin! I had been looking forward to coming back to Egypt since then end of my trip last summer and my heart is so full now that I am back in what feels like home (Hi mom and bro, love and miss you and no I haven’t seen any gorillas).

I am coaching american football with my main man Grady and we are having a blast getting to coach 18 boys. Grady has been awesome to coach with and truly has a heart for the campers. It has been great getting to lead alongside him. A big part of our major and what we have been wanting to teach our boys is that, no matter what team you are on, they are all loving brothers in Christ. Being on Alpha, which is red, and Omega, which is blue, we decided to give them all purple bandanas and sunglasses to wear throughout camp to show unity between the two teams. The most rewarding thing is when we get to actually see that reality everyday throughout camp. Even in the midst of intense competition, they truly respect and love on each other at the end of the day. And if all else fails, one thing they definitely love is candy. SOOOO MUCH CANDY!

It is hard to believe that we have just completed day 6 of camp. The days are very long, but they are FLYING by. It began with coaching majors bright and early and was followed up with some fresh breakfast. We then headed out to ref sessions and I got to ref boys combine with all of the guys on the trip (and Anna- the combine queen). I then got to ref boys Wallyball with Grace and that was really fun! During our pool time today, I participated in a belly flop contest and represented us USA coaches in that (I scored a 9 out of 10). If you know me then you will understand why that is funny. The X period today was super cool! This game was called Clash of Clans. I was told that this game was one of the favorites and I definitely got to experience why. Just like the app, the campers were split up into clans and they were challenged with creating their own living hut and making their own food for dinner. They literally had to build a hut out of sticks and make a fire to grill their own burgers. They did this by having workers, warriors, builders, artists, etc and they all had different jobs that contributed to buying supplies from a store to accomplish it all. It was around a 5 hour game that went through the evening and late into the night, but it was so cool to see how engaged everyone was. It seemed like everyone had a job and played a vital role to their clan that they felt comfortable and were interested in doing. All in all, it was a long day, but it was well worth every drop of sweat. 

As I reflect on camp for the second time, I have two major highlights up to this point. The first is the Cross Walk. Coleman talked about this a little bit in his earlier post, but each cabin of campers was given a giant wooden cross and they had to carry it around the camp for 2 laps. This was such a powerful event and I got to sit and just watch it. The campers were all silent and carried these crosses over their shoulders while making multiple stops along their path to listen to scripture in arabic. They eventually placed the crosses into the ground where holes were dug for them and they stood them up in the middle of camp. As I sat nearby watching, I began tearing up and feeling a heavy push on my heart. The visual image of these campers being for each other and for Jesus and lifting each other up was so powerful for me. The second highlight was the concert that Jacob talked about in his post. I was overwhelmed by just how much these kids need and want Jesus and a big role in that is their leaders at this camp. They were so passionate and energetic and going crazy and the campers followed. The staff here at Wadi is so dedicated to loving these kids and pointing them towards Jesus and it is so encouraging to know that there are some incredible things happening to continue growing the kingdom. I have been unsure about my future job plans for a little while and trying to figure out whether teaching and education were my calling or if youth ministry was the path for me. With these two events, I have truly felt as if Jesus was weighing heavy on my heart for youth ministry. The next generation has so much hope and so much unrealized desire of being wanted by God and I want to help them see that.

I very much appreciate all of the love and support from back home and I continue to ask that you keep this team in your prayers as we head down the backstretch of our time here with W3. Much love to you all! Until next summer…


Gabe Munoz


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