Pyramid Party

Hi there! My name is Kaylee Gott and this is my second year at Wadi Sports Camp! Each year has been so different, but both have been so exciting with new experiences. It never seems to fail that once I’m here I never want to leave, and once I leave I just want to be back. These people love so deeply and listen intently. They truly care about the people around them. I love coming here and deepening relationships with each of them. 

Usually in the mornings I am coaching tennis with Carrie, but today was our touristy/rest day. We ate breakfast at camp and then loaded the bus to downtown Cairo to see the pyramids. Being in the middle of the desert, you can imagine that it was HOT. We walked around, took thousands of pictures, and avoided attacking vendors at all costs. It was so cool to experience one of the seven wonders of the world.

We walked around The Great Pyramid and ran into a family of camels. Yup. You guessed it. We got on those bad boys. We took a walk around the pyramids for a few minutes and rode to the edge of the hill that overlooked a large part of Cairo. It was such a cool experience that I will never forget. Getting off the camels, however, was not as spectacular…. Our guide forgot to inform us that he was going to lower the camel to the ground (I guess I can’t blame him… he didn’t speak english). The camel suddenly and unexpectedly dropped to his front knees, nearly flinging me off of the front of him and onto his neck. Luckily, one of the workers caught me from the front and Myhre grabbed me from the back. It was a near-death experience, but it was worth it for all the laughs and memories that came along with the trauma. 

After the pyramids, we went to see the sphinx. It was so cool to finally experience these structures that I had always heard about. We walked through a local bazaar area with all kinds of trinkets and souvenirs and then headed to The Mall of Egypt where we got pizza, crepes, and great coffee. A few of us shopped around for a while and Anna went to Ski Egypt, and indoor ski facility within the mall. Apparently this was a popular thing to do in Egypt and I could see why. It was huge! 

After the mall we headed back to Wadi and looked through all of our fun pictures from the day. We then headed outside to join the rest of the camp where they were competing in a decathlon that included swimming, running, jumping rope, burpees, and other fitness tests. It was really cool to see the campers coming together to achieve a goal that they couldn’t do alone. 

After shower time, we headed to the volleyball courts where we ate dinner and watched the championship game between alphas and omegas. I always love these times because it gives us a chance to sit down and have great conversations with new and old friends. Once the game was over, the coaches headed back to our lounge to have a meeting and play some fun games together. To end the night we headed back out to the volleyball courts at 11pm and played king of the court for about 2-3 hours with some of the egyptian staff. Late night bonding activities like this are always the highlights of my days here at Wadi. It’s incredible to see the Lord move in so many ways here. Again, I don’t think I’ll ever leave.


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