Wadi Camp 4

Hello everyone!!! Cate here!! Today was the first full day of W4, and what a blast it was. The pace of this camp is much different than W2 and W3 because the kids are older and more mature. So far, it is going great, but duh.. its Wadi. I started the day at baseball with Greg. I’ve coached baseball every year and it is always so encouraging to see the kids start on day one not knowing how to throw a ball and end the week in a full game. After majors and the classic scrambled egg breakfast, we headed to ref sessions (Wyatt and I did Wallyball today). One of my favorite parts of each day is after sessions; pool time. It is a time of relationship building, carefree dancing and lots of laughter. Alongside dinner, pool time is a raw chunk of the day to get to know staff and campers on a new level that I normally cannot do because I’m blowing a whistle in their face. 

Today was a little different day for me, I was in the skit during the gathering before the first X-Period of the day. I practiced all of rest time in order to get it right… because it was 100% in Arabic. I was super nervous that I would mess up the phrases and embarrass myself, but the campers loved it and were so kind to me about it throughout the rest of the day. It was definitely out of my comfort zone, but I had so much fun practicing with my friends before and making everyone laugh. It was for sure the highlight of my day. 

Tonight, after the X-Period of Survivor and dinner, we have the Cross Walk. I’m sure if you have been following along with the blog or Instagram, you have seen or heard of this before. I cannot express how incredible it is to sit and watch each cabin carry a cross while listening to the Word of God and worship music. Although every second of the night is incredible, the most impactful part of the Cross Walk is the talk at the end. It is in Arabic, but that reminds me that God’s truth is universal and what He did on the cross goes beyond any culture, country or language. And that truth goes for this whole trip. What an amazing God we serve. These relationships I create here in Egypt stay strong and will last a lifetime because they are built on a love for Jesus and people. We share the same God. We may have different cultures and we may not speak the same language, but the God we serve loves each of us, no matter where we are from, with the same heart and fills us all with the same joy. 

I will never be able to put into words my passion and heart for Egypt, this camp and these people. The Lord blessed me big time by allowing me to serve here. I can’t wait for what He has for the rest of W4 and for the years I come back to this incredible place, where His presence is so clearly evident. 

Thank you for your prayers and support!! 

-Cate Goen


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