Egypt is my 2nd Home

Hello from my favorite place in the world! My name is Grace, and I love this place so much. It is with such bittersweet emotions that I type this blog.  It is sweet in that we have had such an amazing time this summer. We have been here longer, worked more camps, and met more people than any past trip….and that is sweet.  Yet, tomorrow is our last full day of camp and that makes me more sad than I can put into words.

One of the things we did this year in our coach meeting is share highs, struggles, and place where we saw God show up.  Since you have already heard about our typical days and seen great pictures and instagram posts, I thought I would share these…

Highs…there are too many highs to list.  Games we play, seeing our incredible friends, leaving our phones in our rooms, and serving together with a group of amazing people are highs for me.

Struggles….teaching sports to students that have never picked up a ball, long/hot days, little rest, food that doesn’t always agree with your system, and missing team members when they go home are challenges for me.

God moments….sunsets, dancing with friends, and sensing God working on my own heart and not just in those we serve has been awesome.  My dad always says God is up to something, and this year I can definitely tell that He is. I hope that I continue to recognize that everyday and not just when I am serving in this amazing place.

Thank you for being a part of sending me here.  While I can never really say thank you enough, please know I am forever changed because of this trip, these people, and your generosity.

I am already counting down the days until I get to come back again,

Grace Rich


One thought on “Egypt is my 2nd Home

  1. Thanks G for sharing such heartfelt words! My prayer for you as well is that you will bring the passion that you have for Egypt home and continue to serve Him whether you are in Austin or Clinton! Love you and can’t wait to see all my family serving in Egypt!


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