They call each other “my people” yet I get to call them “my people” too if I may!

There are two types of fields at camp, the first one is like the soccer field, basketball, beach handball, volleyball, spike-ball, tennis… and how I love to play and run and spike and catch!

The other type is what I call the battlefield, which gave me the honor and blessing to still be part of camp even with that tiny little role I get to do. It might include some adventures yet fun and I just love it.

I stand in awe seeing how God work miracles through this team touching lives here and there, not only during camp and summer but it extends throughout the whole year. That much love you give is overwhelming. Every year I see old friendships grow stronger and new ones are built in this beautiful place.

Thankful for this magical place called WSC that revives life and truth to generations and generations to come. You guys cannot imagine how much we love you and how impactful each and everyone are.

Thankful for everyone who made this trip happen; you might not see the effect now but I promise I’ve seen a ripple and a multiplying one happening throughout the past years and I am the 1st who’s life has changed from this place.

Thank you RRM people and thank you my people.

Till next year,