Howdy from Egypt!

Howdy! My name is Gabe Munoz and this is my second year to come to Wadi Sports Camp! I am from College Station, Texas and I am an education major at Texas A&M University. 

Let me begin by saying that this is my absolute favorite place on earth. I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to come back to Cairo with this team from Austin! I had been looking forward to coming back to Egypt since then end of my trip last summer and my heart is so full now that I am back in what feels like home (Hi mom and bro, love and miss you and no I haven’t seen any gorillas).

I am coaching american football with my main man Grady and we are having a blast getting to coach 18 boys. Grady has been awesome to coach with and truly has a heart for the campers. It has been great getting to lead alongside him. A big part of our major and what we have been wanting to teach our boys is that, no matter what team you are on, they are all loving brothers in Christ. Being on Alpha, which is red, and Omega, which is blue, we decided to give them all purple bandanas and sunglasses to wear throughout camp to show unity between the two teams. The most rewarding thing is when we get to actually see that reality everyday throughout camp. Even in the midst of intense competition, they truly respect and love on each other at the end of the day. And if all else fails, one thing they definitely love is candy. SOOOO MUCH CANDY!

It is hard to believe that we have just completed day 6 of camp. The days are very long, but they are FLYING by. It began with coaching majors bright and early and was followed up with some fresh breakfast. We then headed out to ref sessions and I got to ref boys combine with all of the guys on the trip (and Anna- the combine queen). I then got to ref boys Wallyball with Grace and that was really fun! During our pool time today, I participated in a belly flop contest and represented us USA coaches in that (I scored a 9 out of 10). If you know me then you will understand why that is funny. The X period today was super cool! This game was called Clash of Clans. I was told that this game was one of the favorites and I definitely got to experience why. Just like the app, the campers were split up into clans and they were challenged with creating their own living hut and making their own food for dinner. They literally had to build a hut out of sticks and make a fire to grill their own burgers. They did this by having workers, warriors, builders, artists, etc and they all had different jobs that contributed to buying supplies from a store to accomplish it all. It was around a 5 hour game that went through the evening and late into the night, but it was so cool to see how engaged everyone was. It seemed like everyone had a job and played a vital role to their clan that they felt comfortable and were interested in doing. All in all, it was a long day, but it was well worth every drop of sweat. 

As I reflect on camp for the second time, I have two major highlights up to this point. The first is the Cross Walk. Coleman talked about this a little bit in his earlier post, but each cabin of campers was given a giant wooden cross and they had to carry it around the camp for 2 laps. This was such a powerful event and I got to sit and just watch it. The campers were all silent and carried these crosses over their shoulders while making multiple stops along their path to listen to scripture in arabic. They eventually placed the crosses into the ground where holes were dug for them and they stood them up in the middle of camp. As I sat nearby watching, I began tearing up and feeling a heavy push on my heart. The visual image of these campers being for each other and for Jesus and lifting each other up was so powerful for me. The second highlight was the concert that Jacob talked about in his post. I was overwhelmed by just how much these kids need and want Jesus and a big role in that is their leaders at this camp. They were so passionate and energetic and going crazy and the campers followed. The staff here at Wadi is so dedicated to loving these kids and pointing them towards Jesus and it is so encouraging to know that there are some incredible things happening to continue growing the kingdom. I have been unsure about my future job plans for a little while and trying to figure out whether teaching and education were my calling or if youth ministry was the path for me. With these two events, I have truly felt as if Jesus was weighing heavy on my heart for youth ministry. The next generation has so much hope and so much unrealized desire of being wanted by God and I want to help them see that.

I very much appreciate all of the love and support from back home and I continue to ask that you keep this team in your prayers as we head down the backstretch of our time here with W3. Much love to you all! Until next summer…


Gabe Munoz


The Egyptian Carnival

Hi! My name is Kim or Myhre , and this is my 3rd year to come to Wadi Sports Camp.  I absolutely love this place, and love seeing what Jesus does at this camp everyday. The relationships we get to build daily with these campers and counselors can’t be put into words in a blog post, but I will try my best to give you a glimpse of what is happening in Egypt. 

I have the pleasure of getting to coach girls soccer for the third year, and this is my biggest group of girls yet. I have 20 soccer girls and 5 amazing counselors with me, and I am loving them so much. It’s neat to teach them soccer skills, but let me tell ya, its even better getting to spend time in the word with them each day, and getting to have real life conversations with these girls, and show them how they can relate the word to their real life. They apply the verse we share that day to their own lives, and we get to have those conversations with them.  

Today during our X period we played Pandemic ( campers VS Staff games ). This game is epic. We are trying to not let the campers beat us in different sports and games throughout camp, and at the end we play a HUGE game of dodgeball. I love uniting with counselors and coming together all with one goal in common : DO NOT LET THE CAMPERS WIN 😉 . After dodgeball we had an ice-cream social with a side of an epic dance party. I loved having this time to dance it out with the Egyptians and my fellow coaches. There was also a pretty sweet sunset as we danced the daylight away. 

Tonight was the carnival , and let me tell you the detail that Shady and his crew put into everything that is done at camp is unreal. Carnival was no exception. They hand built carnival games that the campers were able to play, they had snow cones, a form of funnel cake, which were AMAZING. ( When the Egyptians came to Texas a month ago, they came to an Express game and were able to try a funnel cake for the first time.) The carnival is a time for everyone to get to hang out and have fun, talk, mingle, and just enjoy the night. To wrap up the evening they had a talent show that campers, counselors, and coaches can be apart of.  Two of our American coaches crushed the stage, as well as one of my soccer girls, and of course the one and only Baher. I love this night because we get to relax, have fun, and have more conversations with the Egyptians. 

I wish everyone could experience this place , and these people. It truly amazes me that the same God I see in Austin Texas, is the same God I see at Wadi Sports Camp. I am in complete awe that I have had the opportunity to come back to this place for the 3rd time. It is magical, and like I said at the beginning, it is so hard to put into words how much this place means to me, but I am beyond grateful that I am able to experience it, and that I am able to have this amazing relationships that have come from Wadi. 

Thank you for  ALL the prayers and the support that you readers have given us. Jesus is doing some pretty cool things over here and us coaches are feeling that and seeing it daily. 

Until next summer….. 


Kim (Myhre) 


Wadi Party

Hey y’all, this is Jacob and I am excited to tell you guys about my time at Wadi Sports Camp!

First, a little bit about me. This is my first summer in Egypt with the team and I could not be more thrilled to be here. I have been involved with a student ministry at the University of Texas at Austin and when Geoff presented me with this opportunity to advance the Kingdom, I knew it was something I should go for. This trip has exceeded all expectations and I know I am fulfilling the plan God has in store for me.

Secondly, I am a coach for the baseball major here at camp and what gets me excited to go to work everyday is the passion that these kids have to get better when they come out to the fields. They don’t care about how they look or what other will think of them; they play and practice with the same intensity and I could not be more proud of their progress so far. They truly make my job of instructing easier every day.

Today, we took a break from all sports in the morning to allow the campers and staff to get some much needed rest! I was sad to not see my campers, but thankful to get sleep and be refreshed for the day to come. We had a blast at the pool and played a modified game of “keep away” with the Egyptian kids and counselors. We held our own, but they put up quite a fight, haha. All of camp then was herded to the soccer stadium to partake in a cool event called “Extraction”. The premise of the game is to have cabins extract, sell, and manipulate the market for oil and their pricing to leverage their group’s “corporation” against the other groups. The game incorporated themes of competition, entrepreneurialism, finance, bartering, and interpersonal communication. I found it fascinating that this particular game blended many real world problem solving applications to the world of physical competition. Afterwards, we attended a concert by a contemporary in-house Christian band. It was really interesting to hear both songs in English and Arabic, with all of the campers diving into the lyrics and dancing to the music. So many campers had a great time as indicated by the giant smiles and laughs on their face as they exited the Old Hall and retired to their cabin for bedtime.

My time here has been short, but I feel as if I have spent a month here and have immersed myself with all of the locals. Can’t wait to continue working and serving the kids, staff, and the entire camp.

Hook ‘em,

Jacob Potter


The Crazy Adventures in Wadi

First of all-HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAYDEN!!!! Whoop!!! It is midnight in Egypt. We just had a cake delivered to the camp, Greg is playing guitar, Coleman is showing Wyatt something on his phone that is playing “Eye of the Tiger” and other than that, all is good in the world!

Earlier in the week I was on the top of our building reading in Psalms 19. “The heavens declare the glory of the God: the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” David later writes that “the sun rises at one end of the heavens and makes its circuit to the other; nothing is hidden from its heat.” The sun was rising over camp as I read that and it made me smile knowing how hot it would become. However, my weather app has updated everyday since then that it would be significantly hotter than the previous day…so I am now looking for verses that have to do with a cool breeze or clouds or anything. 

So my day started with football majors down on the old field with Gabe…this is Grady writing by the way, just in case you were wondering. We have 18 boys eager to learn the game and compete against each other. I have been here a number of times and it truly does fill me with joy to work with these young men and hope and pray I can reflect the Lord to them. From the football field we went to breakfast to eat eggs and beans. I then reffed beach handball with my fellow coaches Kim and Kaylee. In the sand the heat comes from above and below! Our other coaches were clutch in bringing us water in-between games. Pool time came at just the right time at that point! Hayden and I set up the game yardees (or yardis) which involves a pole with a small platform which balances a plastic bottle of…coke…definitely not beer. You throw the frisbee back and forth trying to knock off said bottle of beverage. If you successfully knock off the bottle you get points but the other team has a chance to catch the bottle to save points. Hayden and I promptly lost to team Dubs after we set up the game…bummer! 

After pool we had a nice fish fry. I love that they will have rice and French fries. Break time brought a nice nap as the temperatures really got oppressive. Afterward the campers payed some sort of a capture the flag type game around the whole camp. Apparently there was a small scuffle but nothing too bad. Hayden, Wyatt and I then reffed an intense game of basketball between the Alphas and Omegas. I believe the Omegas won. 

By the end of the night the campers had a “Hunger Games” challenge. I’m not exactly sure how to describe the game, but I’ll do my best. In a very dramatic scene, a line of fire was lit with a bag tied off to the side. If a string was cut the bag would swing across the fire and ignite. Campers were chosen to answer trivia questions about the history of the camp and if the answer was wrong the string was cut. I think that was what was going on…it was in Arabic and a lot of theatrics were involved. I’m pretty sure one of the questions was, how many times has Geoff been to camp? And I think the answer was 12. I may actually be way off the mark on what was going on but it was fun to watch the spectacle! 

It was a great day! Gregg and Cate shared their story of how their year has gone and how they came to be in Egypt. And then we ate cake and sang “Happy Birthday” to Hayden. I can’t tell you how much I love this place and these people and these fellow coaches! I feel blessed beyond words and I hope a very bleary eyed coach can do his best to describe the love I have for this place! And I assume if you are reading this you are invested in some way and I am absolutely grateful beyond belief. Thank you so so much! Shokran! Ana bahebek!!! 



The Life of Coleman


Hi There!

My name is Coleman Kerr and this is my first year being at Egypt! I am going to be a sophomore at Southwestern University where I study business and also play football. I grew up at a christian camp it has been amazing to be apart of another one this far away from home. It gives me hope realizing there are so many people who love Jesus half way across the world. 

Along with Hayden and Anna I am coaching Ultimate Frisbee. Like Anna said, we have SOO many campers. Learning everyone’s name may take a day or two more, but I enjoy the challenge. It is so rewarding to see the campers improving on their frisbee skills with just two days of practice. 

Day two was full of excitement because it was our first full day of camp with the campers. Together as a camp, we played a game called survivor where cabins had to compete against each other at different games across the camp. The game I was in charge of go a bit muddy. Campers had to crawl around in a mud pit completing obstacles and eventually had to throw a ball in a container up in the air. To end the day, the cabins participated in something called Cross Walk. Each cabin had to carry a wooden cross together in laps around the camp. Even though the cross was heavy, that isn’t what they were focused on. They concentrated on, as a cabin, getting the cross where it would be put into the ground in the center of camp regardless of the weight on their shoulders. I love how we all got to think about how Jesus felt when he had to carry his cross to calvary when he also was not thinking about the weight on his back but instead completing his mission here on earth which was to be nailed to that cross to take on the weight of our sins. 

I have only been in Egypt for a week and only been with campers for a day and a half, and I can already see how God is moving throughout camp. He is more present in this place than I ever could have imagined, and I am so excited to see how lives here are eternally changed. 




Hello friends!

Anna Snell here, this is my second time at Wadi Sports Camp and I am incredibly excited to see again how the Lord’s name is glorified and made known through having FUN! One of my favorite things about this camp is how much thought and effort and creativity is put into making this the best camp in Egypt – all for the glory of God and for the purpose of sharing his love with every person that steps on this property. After a couple of days of intense preparation (mostly by the Egyptian staffers – their hard work to make camp happen is amazing – with the help of us Americans) the campers finally arrived this afternoon! The stoke was incredibly high when the buses rolled in today. Participating in welcoming the campers today was definitely an amazing experience, especially since I was able to come on this trip last year and recognized a few familiar faces! The look on the campers faces as they came into the hall where everyone was waiting to throw a giant party for them was incredible. The coaches, the counsellors, and all the staff earnestly desire for these kids to not just have the most fun ever at camp, but have an encounter with Jesus that changes their lives forever. One of the ways Wadi does this is through Majors! Time spent in Majors is time invested in relationships and opportunities to break down barriers so that us coaches and other staffers can share God’s love for each of these campers. Each camper chooses a major sport that they want to participate in to improve their skills and have fun. I have the privilege to help coach Ultimate Frisbee with Hayden and Coleman, who are basically pros, as for me, I just like to have fun 🙂 Today we had our first Major, where we got to introduce our sport and try to learn as many names as possible. I hope I can learn a lot of kids names and get to know most of them, but it will be hard since over 45 campers signed up for Ultimate! I am hopeful and trust in the fact that the Lord has gone behind and before me, that He is with me and all the coaches and staffers and campers, and that ultimately His name WILL be glorified and made known in this place. Please continue to pray for the hearts of the campers – that the Lord will use this fun and amazing place to draw them closer to Him. And also continue to pray for our hearts and coaches, that we would be pure in our motives and make the most of each opportunity to point others to Christ. 

For the fun of it, and for His glory!

Anna Snell


Day 3 Adventures at Wadi

Waking up in Egypt, the first thought to cross my mind is how unreal it is that I am here. I thank God in remembrance of everyone and everything that has culminated in our team’s time here. 


The next thought is what will possibly happen on our third day here with no campers and a lot of work to do before they arrive the next day. The first day here, I randomly stepped forward when Shady, the camp director, asked for two volunteers mid-afternoon. He led me and Anna Snell, a returning coach, to five wooden chests that needed painting and fun designs. We sat down and worked despite the triple digit weather, and painting has been my main activity since then. 


Teepee tents, tarps, booths, dunk tapes, and more random items all came across my paintbrush in bright colors of blue, green, purple, pink, yellow, etc. Egypt has been exactly like that to me: painting in the most spectacular colors that steal your attention and transform even boring doors into vibrant works of art. 


Today consisted of waking up early, playing games all morning in a relentless one hundred and ten degree climate, catching the final minute of an emotional Arabic prayer session, then painting in that same blistering heat. 


Painting has provided me quality time with the Egyptian counselors, who are all around college age, speak impeccable English, and are the friendliest humans ever to exist. I bonded with one counselor about our mutual love of winter, another tricked me into learning a dirty word in Arabic, and all taught me so much about life in Egypt. Going into this trip, I anticipated sunburns, fear, and disappointment. I have encountered the opposite with no sunburn yet despite the heat, feeling incredibly safe everywhere, and every aspect of this country from the air to the sand largely exceeding every expectation. 


After painting, we had lunch at two o’clock pm, took a break, and then played games with the team until dinner. After dinner, our incredible friend Shahir played on his guitar a Grammy-worthy cover of Chicken Fried by the Zac Brown band ?? plus a couple of songs of equal caliber in Arabic that were beautifully translated as he sang. 


As I left for the last thing on our agenda for the day (a meeting from ten pm to midnight), an Egyptian counsellor named Gabby and I chatted for a few minutes, but in that short time, I felt the weight of the Holy Spirit. We shared our excitement over the new campers and she explained that what happens here truly changes lives, a truth the counselors know so deeply that their prayers times are filled with tears and holding each other. Later, Shady would go on to elaborate about the broken family lives and societal pressures faced by the campers coming from a culture with a high divorce rate and increasingly young age for drug use. In that moment, I understood why I had signed up for this trip that my Young Life leader offhandedly mentioned to me in February. 


Coming from a broken home myself with a lot of intense family issues, I felt such a connection to these campers coming tomorrow. I want to yell at the top of my lungs how redeemable the truth of Jesus is to all who feel distant, how life-giving the will of God is. These next few days will be difficult and exhausting, but God is calling this team deeper to explore how passionate His love for the nations, for every child in Cairo. 


Thank you so much for all of the support so far, and I hope that everyone reading this has a fantastic day. I guarantee you that I am on either the other side of the globe or at the same camp as you smiling constantly.


Thank you for making it this far in my thoughts, which is a scary place to be 99% of the time, so congratulations on your accomplishment.


Having a great time,

Jacquelyn xx